[Whitepaper] State of data privacy 2019

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In light of the dynamic and quickly evolving data privacy legislation​ landscape, we’ve put together a report based on insights from 143 FormAssembly customers. These results will give you a glimpse into the way organizations in multiple industries view the importance of ethical, compliant data collection, how they handle privacy laws in 2019, and the role that FormAssembly plays in their practices.

From the report

  • 43% of businesses have one or more people dedicated to privacy-focused roles
  • 85% of respondents supported the idea of federally mandated privacy legislation, similar to the GDPR
  • 30% of respondents indicated that they chose FormAssembly in part because of our security and compliance

FormAssembly is the leading enterprise data collection and form building platform with security and privacy standards strict enough to meet the needs of organizations in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare or financial services. To help you stay abreast of evolving data privacy legislation, FormAssembly boasts compliance with the CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and other regulations and invests in people, processes and technology to keep data secure.

Custom form building and styling

Build forms to your liking, with or without technical knowledge. Customize the user experience with conditionals, multiple pages, calculations and more.

Integrations you need

Send data to Salesforce to create new Leads and Contacts, process payments with PayPal, store data in Google Sheets, and do so much more with our multiple integrations.

Security & compliance: HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, more

FormAssembly is committed to upholding high standards of data privacy and security, continually evolving to keep up with data privacy legislation and the needs of customers.

Trusted by multiple industries

FormAssembly fits all industries, from healthcare to financial services to government to nonprofit.

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