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How it works
How it works
Intuitive web form creation Intuitive web form creation

Intuitive web form creation

It’s easy to create beautiful, customized web forms with our intuitive, drag-and-drop web form builder—no need to ask IT. With all the features you need in a form builder, anyone on your team can easily create on-brand forms in minutes for any applications, surveys, or contact forms you need to launch.

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Integrations that make
life easier
Integrations that make
life easier

Cut out extra work spent on data entry and get rid of data silos with FormAssembly’s smart integrations. Through our powerful connectors, data gets where it needs to go, giving you the ability to act on insights and save time.

Stay in control of
your data

FormAssembly helps you move toward better data governance at your organization. Smart features provide ways to streamline your data collection efforts, improve management of sensitive data, and gain better visibility into your information.

Don’t just collect data — leverage it.