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“FormAssembly is a very high-utility solution for us because it’s plug-and-play. It would take us a significant amount of dev effort to build internally in Amazon, and we’d also spend a good amount of bandwidth maintaining that tool. With FormAssembly, you can just log in to Salesforce and create whatever forms you need.”

Abhinav Singh Kakran

Manager, Program Management

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Our web-to-anything Salesforce integration allows you to create powerful connections between your data and your CRM. Create and update records for any object, send file uploads to Salesforce, conditionally create/update records, and more.

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The security of your data is our highest concern. FormAssembly protects you against XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, and other common threats. We also offer HIPAA and GLBA compliance on our Compliance Cloud plan, in addition to PCI DSS Level 1 certification and encryption at rest on all plans.

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Thousands of customers in healthcare, financial services, higher ed, nonprofit, government, and other industries use FormAssembly to handle all their data collection needs. If you ever have a question, our world-class support team is here to help.

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