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Big Brothers Big Sisters Accelerates Impact of 140+ Chapters


savings per year from previous form builder.


minutes saved per incoming application.


applications forms received per year (as a Federation).


Local Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of America chapters needed a data collection solution that integrated with Salesforce and eliminated manual data entry and communication silos. Integrating digital data collection workflows using FormAssembly streamlined processes, saved 30 minutes of processing time on each application, and saved $8,000 in annual costs at one chapter alone.


BBBS agencies often have limited budgets to allocate to new tools and software. A lack of resources leaves staff struggling with disconnected paper processes, limited access to records, and budget restrictions. BBBS needed a way to protect its main commodity — one-on-one relationships with guardians, mentors, youth, and family members — while transitioning to more modern, connected processes. With digital data collection, the agencies eliminated the need to follow email chains or transport paper files between caseworkers and physical storage centers while ensuring better security for sensitive data.

“We’re using FormAssembly so that staff can do their jobs more effectively. FormAssembly has provided [a way] to do what we love, which is work with and serve kids.”

Loren Tamas

Systems Application and Innovation Manager (BBBS of Metro Atlanta)


With FormAssembly’s data collection platform, BBBS empowers paperless workflows for agencies across the country, helping teams remain agile and impactful in the face of cultural trends, crisis events, and organizational changes. Revamped digital processes allow staff to securely gather data from hundreds of internal forms — including inquiries, applications, agreements, permissions, and approvals — and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.

During events and in-person meetups, BBBS team members can display a QR code or custom link that takes respondents directly to the form they need. At both small and large agencies, FormAssembly saves time, money, and bandwidth, creating a path toward greater community impact on a macro scale.



savings per year from previous form builder.


minutes saved per incoming application.


applications received per year (as a Federation).


local agencies onboarded with FormAssembly (and growing).


youth served across the U.S.

Feature Highlight

Conditional Questions

Conditional settings allow respondents to only see what applies to them. This improves data integrity and response rates. Plus, form creators now have more options for identifiers that don’t fit into traditional binary labels.

Form Languages

FormAssembly has form language options for chapters that need to cater to specific populations. With nearly 50 translation options, language barriers do not keep the staff from reaching members of their local communities.

Form Templates

Creating form templates saves time and effort, especially as BBBS staff teach others how to quickly create forms with FormAssembly.

Salesforce Prefill Connector

With an Enterprise plan, staff can expand their data capabilities with the Prefill Connector. This makes the entire data loop easy to manage, as data flows into and out of Salesforce without hassle.

Email Notifications

Because Salesforce was handled at the national level, affiliates were unable to utilize Salesforce for localized custom notifications. Automating and customizing these branded messages now eliminates confusion and improves community experiences.

Secure E-Signature

FormAssembly’s E-Signature capabilities replace single-use document approval tools. Sensitive information is encrypted and sent securely.

See FormAssembly in Action — No Strings Attached.