FormAssembly Team

We’re the ones keeping FormAssembly running smoothly behind the scenes and working hard to create new features and UX updates. We help you troubleshoot your form questions when you’re on a tight deadline. We guide you to find the right FormAssembly solution for your organization. We’re behind that helpful blog post, onboarding call, email newsletter, and webinar.

We’re the FormAssembly team: 40+ skilled professionals spread out across the globe, united by the goal of helping organizations streamline their processes and optimize their data collection.


Chima Ihekwoaba
Sales Development Manager
Jordan Schartz
Account Executive
Harris Zhang
Business Development Representative
Younes Zangiabadi
Business Development Representative
Sean Quinlan
Business Development Representative
Ilyas Ashirov
Business Development Representative
Alex Bariyev
Solutions Engineer

Cloud and IT Operations


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