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As the leading CRM platform today, Salesforce has empowered thousands of individuals and businesses to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work. In many cases, Salesforce is an important foundation for business processes and a necessary tool for leveraging customer data.

Salesforce plays a key role in a company’s data management to improve marketing efforts, financial decisions, customer success, employee productivity, and profitability. This data can be transformative—in a recent study published by Deloitte, nearly 50%* of businesses said that analytics improved their decision-making, while others stated that it improved interactions with customers and other businesses.

It’s clear that efficient and accurate data collection is a priority for any company, no matter the industry. Equally important are integrate-able tools and resources that make this possible. For many Salesforce users, FormAssembly is a must-have platform because it helps streamline data collection processes even further.

FormAssembly: A Tool Every Salesforce User Needs

FormAssembly’s robust Salesforce integration makes it easy for Salesforce users to automate data collection in Salesforce while saving valuable time, resources, and money. Using our powerful, no-code web form builder, many Salesforce users have significantly improved data quality, while getting more out of their CRM by collecting and connecting data wherever it needs to go. By integrating FormAssembly and Salesforce, these companies benefit from:

  • The ability to create and update standard and custom objects in Salesforce
  • Eliminating duplicate data and manual Salesforce data entry
  • The ability to prefill online forms with data already in Salesforce to streamline the user experience

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up several FormAssembly customers across multiple industries to showcase how each leverages our platform and robust integration with Salesforce.

Financial Services: Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma Merchant Services is a San Francisco-based Merchant Services Provider (MSP) that offers credit card payment solutions for small businesses and nonprofits. The company needed a solution for their outdated onboarding process for clients. Without connected web forms, Dharma had to manually add client information into their Salesforce database.

Dharma turned to FormAssembly to help them streamline their applications, minimize errors from both clients and staff, and reduce time-consuming data entry for their staff. Using FormAssembly’s web form and data collection platform, Dharma digitized its onboarding processes and support system. Now client information from their custom, user-friendly forms is seamlessly passed into Salesforce through FormAssembly.

Since integrating FormAssembly into their processes, Dharma has eliminated the 45-minute pre-application phone calls, paper forms, and 50 hours a month wasted in manual data entry. Overall, they have cut down process time by 78% and have seen an enormous lift in data accuracy.

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Healthcare: QTbreasthealth

Breast imaging company QTbreasthealth was founded with the goal of empowering women to have access to better, more accurate information concerning their breast health. Using QTscan™, a revolutionary scanning technology powered by parent company QT Ultrasound, they are able to provide a more comfortable, safer, more reliable method of breast cancer screening.

QTBreasthealth needed a way to create custom patient information forms that aligned with the trustworthy, user-friendly experience women found at their clinics. These forms needed to be HIPAA-compliant while integrating seamlessly with Salesforce and their EHR system, CareCloud. 

Working with FormAssembly and consultants at Integrity Healthcare Advisors, QTbreasthealth launched a HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly medical history form in August 2018. With how quickly QTbreathhealth expects to expand, the company is excited to have such a flexible and scalable web form and data collection platform that integrates flawlessly with all the systems they use, including Salesforce.

I can’t tell you today whether I’m going to have 300 people a month fill out a form or 3,000. To have a solution that did not have a limitation to how many potential responses you could receive [is] advantageous.

Jim Bollinger, CEO
Integrity Healthcare Advisors

Salesforce users at these organizations are also using FormAssembly to improve processes:

Government: Multnomah County

Multnomah County Government’s IT Salesforce team is in charge of providing apps and solutions for the county’s over 760,000 residents. In return, the county requires efficient, accurate data collection to help provide services and support. They quickly realized their current web form builder, which had to be installed in their Salesforce instance, was time-consuming and burdensome to IT staff.

By switching to FormAssembly, Multnomah County was able to swap the tedious installation process of an outdated tool for a digital platform. FormAssembly’s seamless Salesforce Connector, CyberSource Connector, and transfer tool allowed the team to collect and sync personal citizen data safely and in real time. The Salesforce IT team now can shift their focus from time-consuming manual data entry to building powerful apps and solutions for the county’s residents.

Higher Education: Olivet Nazarene University

Olivet Nazarene University has been providing high-quality education for over a century, but in recent years, the university had seen a dramatic decrease in its senior class numbers. Staff needed a way to combat this decline with alternate revenue and market options––and they needed to do it quickly.

ONU teamed up with ElevateActual to create a groundbreaking new approach to college education called Your Way, which provides tuition-free general education courses. The digital learning environment was built using Salesforce and FormAssembly.

Combining FormAssembly with Salesforce solutions, ONU created an automated application process that sped up the process for both students and admissions, coursework submission and scheduling management, and a prefill connector that improved the user experience. As a result of this new process, ONU saw a 50% reduction in manual work and an 850% increase in new student enrollment.

We now offer a modern interface for students and have automated processes to eliminate manual work [for staff], so we can spend our time on meaningful work, not tedious tasks.

Kathy Lueckeman, Chief Strategy Officer
Olivet Nazarene University

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Nonprofit: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) was founded over 25 years ago with the mission to build a more economically just, environmentally regenerative, and community-focused food system through education and research that directly supports farmers. PASA is heavily involved in the community and hosts many events, training opportunities, and apprenticeship programs.

The staff at PASA realized that their processes and programs were out of date. They needed a solution that saved staff time, maintained high security and compliance standards, and integrated seamlessly with Salesforce.

PASA began using FormAssembly’s powerful web form and data collection platform to streamline their processes, increase donations, and communicate with stakeholders. The team uses FormAssembly for Salesforce-connected donation forms, membership forms, event registration forms, research data collection forms, and proposal request forms. Over the past three years, PASA has raised $132,215 and saved an estimated $20,000 on yearly operating costs.

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To see for yourself how FormAssembly’s robust web form platform can help you get more out of Salesforce, check out our Salesforce eBook.

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