How a Data Collection Platform Can Increase Your Workplace Productivity


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The COVID-19 pandemic saw a massive shift in the way many organizations approach work. Now, more than a year later, nearly two-thirds of Americans who worked remotely in 2020 would like to continue this flexible trend. Some organizations are still struggling to make the proper adjustments, raising numerous questions about evolving work environments and workplace productivity. How can we make daily activities more efficient or streamline processes? How can we keep teams engaged and communicative?

Often, inefficient data collection processes are a major source of low productivity in the workplace. No matter your industry, whether nonprofit, finance, higher education, or government, baseline inefficiencies when collecting data can affect everything from employee morale to customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

In this blog post, we’re exploring some of the ways better data collection can help increase workplace productivity.

1. Automate processes for increased efficiency

Manual data entry significantly increases the possibility of human error, not to mention the costs associated with fixing mistakes. Administrators tasked with inputting countless amounts of data manually also lose valuable time better spent on more productive tasks that increase your profit. Implementing automated data collection that seamlessly integrates with your CRM will reduce time and costs, help you complete processes faster, and minimize costly errors.

With an all-in-one form builder and data collection platform like FormAssembly, virtually any data collection process can be automated, including:

  • Employment or admissions applications
  • Patient intake and health history forms
  • Charitable donation forms
  • Customer or employee surveys
  • Contact and sign-up forms
  • Expense reimbursement forms
  • …and so much more!

2. Boost collaboration with visual data collection

Without efficient collaboration between team members, it can be difficult to keep employees on the same page throughout the data collection process. Robust, dynamic data collection technology like FormAssembly Workflow allows you and your team to visualize and simplify complex multi-step processes that involve multiple team members. This increases efficiency and productivity in everyday processes while streamlining the flow of data from web forms to team members to your CRM.

3. Keep sensitive data secure and compliant

Manual data collection and insecure collection platforms pose a liability for your organization, especially if you routinely handle sensitive customer data. Whether internal or external, data breaches are costly, dangerous, and in many cases, mostly avoidable with the proper tools.

A secure data collection platform like FormAssembly’s Compliance Cloud plan will provide the data protection and regulation compliance your company needs to remain secure, no matter your industry. This plan is also HIPAA-, GLBA-, and NYDFS-compliant, with PCI DSS level 1 certification and encryption at rest. FormAssembly frees your team members of the time-consuming burden of ensuring data privacy while improving overall workplace productivity.

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4. Choose a platform that scales with your growth

Your current data collection platform and processes may have worked in the early years of your organization, but they’re quickly proving they weren’t meant to scale. This can cost your team valuable time and keep costs high as they juggle multiple tools that aren’t compatible with each other or your organization’s needs.

Choose an all-in-one data collection platform like FormAssembly that is built to grow with you, offering the flexibility to streamline processes across every department and integrate seamlessly with your current systems. We’ve helped thousands of organizations across industries scale with our robust platform, including:

5. Ensure better internal and external communication

Automated data collection with online forms doesn’t have to stop with registration forms or application processes. It is also ideal for surveys and polls. Creating these with FormAssembly web forms is a simple, secure way to gather valuable feedback from your customers. Internally, allowing your team members’ voices to be heard through surveys and polls boosts morale, communication, employee engagement, ultimately boosting workplace productivity too. Our internal marketing team uses FormAssembly daily to streamline internal processes, plan events, and capture marketing leads.

Ready to increase efficiency and productivity?

Navigating the new work environment can be tricky, but with the right tools, you can lead your organization to success. FormAssembly’s all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform provide robust integration with Salesforce, MailChimp, PayPal, and many other systems, freeing you and your team to be more efficient, organized, and productive.

For more insight into workplace productivity—and what might be limiting yours—download our free eBook. If you’re ready to start improving data collection processes today, start a free 14-day trial with FormAssembly, no credit card required.

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