How do we power our remote marketing team? We start with great leadership, add in communication and teamwork, and finish it off with all the right tools. One of our most important tools is our own: the FormAssembly form builder.

We use FormAssembly on our marketing team to create surveys, enrich events, get new content ideas, capture leads and streamline internal processes.

Here are eight ways our marketing team uses FormAssembly:

1. Marketing Content Download Forms

Our inbound marketing efforts are focused on getting customers and prospects the informative, helpful content they need quickly and efficiently. We use FormAssembly web forms to collect information and allow people to download our content, including eBooks, whitepapers, and case study PDFs.

1 marketing use cases

2. Internal Marketing Request Form

When you work on a remote team, requests for marketing projects and deliverables come in multiple different formats. You might get a request in an email, a one-on-one chat conversation, a group chat, video call, a comment on a Google doc, a task in a productivity app… the list goes on and on. When our team started growing, it became almost impossible to keep up with all the chats, emails, and in-person requests for our time and effort.

We solved the confusion with a marketing request form that gathers pertinent information from whomever is requesting the marketing department’s assistance and sends that information to a Google sheet so we can properly assign projects and ensure that they’re completed.

2 marketing use cases

3. FormAssembly Demo Scheduling

On our marketing team, like many others, marketing assists sales by capturing and nurturing leads. One of the most powerful ways to capture new leads is through our demo forms. We use FormAssembly for our demo signup forms, which capture lead information and assign it to someone on our sales team for follow-up within Salesforce. These leads also enter our drip email campaigns where we begin the nurturing process.

3 marketing use cases

4. Partner Highlight Form

Web forms are a perfect compliment for inbound marketing efforts because they allow customers and business partners to contact you on their time.

When we started our partner highlight series, we made the choice to solicit the information of interested partners through a form instead of reaching out to partners one-by-one. This form also feeds into a Google Sheet so we don’t drop the ball on communication.

5. Teammate Highlights

Just about anything can be made into a form; even an interview. Our teammate highlight articles all consist of largely the same questions, so we replaced our endlessly copied Google Doc with a form that allows people to submit their answers quickly and easily. See an example of some of the lighter questions below, and some recent highlights here, here, and here.

5 marketing use cases

6. Blog Contact Form

Some of our use cases are more inventive than most you hear, others are basic, but they still do the job. One example of this is our blog contact form. It’s a simple contact form with the new reCAPTCHA enabled, that easily captures our website visitor’s information.

7. Customer Surveys

We’ve said before that one of the best ways to find out what your users want is to ask them.

We’ve administered a few customer survey forms in the past to gain insight into what our users care about and what they’re interesting in learning. This example demonstrates a form building best practice: using field types that require less user effort than others. Here we use checkboxes and radio buttons instead of drop-down menus, which aren’t ideal for all situations because they require unnecessary clicks.

4 marketing use cases

8. Customer Communication Requests

At FormAssembly, we aim to have a cohesive brand voice no matter which team is communicating with our customers. If our systems team needs to communicate with customers, they fill out a form with all the technical information the marketing team needs to communicate an accurate message that’s on-brand. This form also eliminates drawn-out chat conversations and the need to repeat ourselves and ask the same questions of the systems team every time there’s a need for communication.

Could you use any of these use cases yourself? Switch to FormAssembly and try them out.

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