FormAssembly + APAC: Secure Data Collection for Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region


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FormAssembly serves over 5,000 organizations around the world, with use cases ranging from simple to complex. In nearly every industry, customers use FormAssembly to go digital with data collection by leveraging powerful features, user-friendly web form capabilities, and seamless integrations.

Additionally, our commitment to rigorous security regulations and compliance standards help customers experience peace of mind, no matter where they’re located. For customers in the Asia-Pacific region, this commitment offers a high level of dependability and support when it comes to data stewardship.

In this post, we’ll showcase FormAssembly’s activity in the APAC region by highlighting important statistics, benefits, features, and use cases. 

Quick stats about the APAC region

As our international customer base has grown, we’ve brought on APAC-focused team members and added resources to better serve organizations throughout the region. Check out these quick stats about our APAC expansion:

  • Australia is home to our third largest customer base, only behind the U.S. and U.K.
  • FormAssembly currently serves hundreds of customers in the APAC region.
  • We regularly attend APAC events, such as the Salesforce Sydney World Tour.

Benefits of FormAssembly for APAC customers

Does your team need a powerful data collection platform? FormAssembly has you covered. APAC customers can have confidence in our user-friendly features, plan options, customer support, and knowledge resources. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

  • Enterprise plans (multi-user) are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager within the specific APAC time zone
  • Customer support available via email 24/5 in APAC region; available via chat Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
  • Tier-2 Support Engineers available for coverage during Asia-Pacific business hours
  • Add-on Priority Support available with one-hour initial response times, phone escalation, and more
  • Service level agreement with a 99.9% uptime commitment
  • Ability to create web forms and any form text (such as validation error messages) in nearly 50 languages

In addition to these benefits, our comprehensive Resource Center provides in-depth education, training, and practical how-tos for any skill level. Plus, with team members all around the world, we’re available to provide help and assistance during your business hours.

Data hosting and security benefits for APAC

As a security-focused company, we know how vital it is to stay current with security needs in different geographic regions. Our team works hard to understand emerging regulations around the world. In turn, this ensures that our customers have access to the most reliable solutions possible, wherever they’re located. For APAC, this includes:

  • Asia-Pacific regional data hosting available (Sydney and Singapore)
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification on all plans
  • Encryption at rest and in transit for all plans
  • Annual security review (available upon request)

Protecting data privacy in the APAC region

Is your organization bound by legislation specific to the Asia-Pacific region? Let us help you navigate the details. FormAssembly is compliant with the following APAC-specific legislation.

  • The Australian Privacy Act of 1988
  • Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)
  • State-specific data protection laws (Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria)
  • The Australian Electronic Transactions Act (for compliant e-signatures)

You can learn more about our compliance with APAC privacy rules in the following resources:

Featured APAC customer stories

By branching into the APAC region, FormAssembly helps more customers focus less on data collection and more on what they do best. Here are just a few of the ways that APAC customers use FormAssembly to produce great results.

Online Education Services (OES)

Online Education Services is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The organization finds and develops modern online learning solutions for end users and education partners. Over the years, OES realized how maxed out they were in terms of developer resources, and staff needed a web form and data solution that could keep up with their system of checklists, internal development forms, and more. 

With FormAssembly, staff members created over 30 flexible forms. On average, they saved an estimated 1 week of tech work per form, which amounted to significant savings in developer resources. These results brought both internal and external benefits, with better data processes benefitting the group’s large network of educational partners as well. 

APAC Reviews on the AppExchange

Many FormAssembly customers in the APAC region rely on our powerful Salesforce integration to sync data seamlessly in real time. You can find FormAssembly on the Salesforce AppExchange to see reviews, product highlights, Salesforce features, and more.

“I couldn’t recommend this product enough and have to say their support team is one of the best I have dealt with. I am based in Melbourne, Australia… every single question I have ever asked has a reply within hours.”

Ben Albani,
Salesforce AppExchange Review

Partnering with APAC organizations

Are you a tech consulting firm or agency based in the APAC region looking to connect your customers with FormAssembly? If so, the FormAssembly Partner Program is the perfect place to look for solutions that empower you and your potential customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

When you become a FormAssembly partner, you’ll experience several benefits for both you and your customers.

  • Discount to pass along to referred clients
  • Your own no-cost FormAssembly account
  • Access to helpful trainings and learning materials
  • Important product updates, beta testing opportunities, and more

Apply to become an APAC-based FormAssembly partner, or reach out to our team to learn about business opportunities, collaboration, and comarketing.

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