Data Privacy Day 2021: A Roundup of Our Top Data Privacy Resources


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Every year, January 28 marks Data Privacy Day, which is a global effort that aims to raise awareness about data privacy for organizations and individuals. As an organization, FormAssembly strives for the highest standards of data privacy so that we can enable our customers to become better stewards of the data entrusted to them.

This year, the focus of Data Privacy Day is to “Respect Privacy,” which means that organizations should protect all data they collect, establish privacy guidelines, train employees, be transparent with customers about how their data is used, and always use vendors that are also committed to preserving data privacy. Here are some of our top data privacy resources that will empower your organization to be better stewards of the data you collect:

Data privacy for financial services

  • GLBA Checklist: This checklist explains which organizations are held to GLBA standards, as well as best practices and tips your business needs to follow in order to comply with the GLBA.
  • Financial Services Data Privacy Tips: Follow the best practices outlined in this blog to keep your financial services data secure, compliant, and protected.

Data privacy for healthcare

Data privacy for higher education

Data privacy for nonprofits

  • Protecting Your Cause: In this blog, you’ll learn about some of the most significant data privacy regulations that apply to the nonprofit industry, why they’re crucial, and steps your organization can take to safeguard its data.

On-demand webinars

Additional resources

  • Understanding Australia’s Federal Privacy Act and Privacy Principles: A blog with key information about the Australian Privacy Act and its 13 Privacy Principles.
  • CCPA Checklist: The CCPA is known to be one of the strictest data privacy regulations in the United States. This checklist includes key points you need to know about data privacy regulations under CCPA.
  • GDPR Checklist: The GDPR, a European data privacy regulation, is the strictest data privacy legislation in the world. This checklist includes the five essential steps your organization needs to take to comply with the GDPR.

The world of data privacy is ever-evolving, with new threats and technologies emerging every day, but our platform makes data privacy simple and straightforward. As a form builder and data collection platform, data privacy is a top priority for FormAssembly, and we want to help other organizations make it a top priority as well. Start a test drive of our platform at the link below!

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