What’s New with Workflow: Summer 2022 Updates


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In December 2021, we unveiled the biggest product development in our company’s history. FormAssembly Workflow transformed the foundation of our platform and ushered in a new era of visual data collection. But our efforts didn’t stop there. Since Workflow’s release, our team has been diligently improving and evolving this solution with help from the ingenuity of our customers.

In case you’re unfamiliar, FormAssembly Workflow is the new-and-improved alternative to our legacy workflow tool. Workflow enables users to visually map out complex data collection and decision-making processes within the no-code Workflow Builder. Using Workflow, our customers can automate notifications, enhance team collaboration, and integrate with external systems to streamline critical business processes.

Introducing Workflow’s newest developments

Since the initial release, our team has been working diligently to improve Workflow and make it even more powerful for our customers. Below are several Workflow features that have been released or are set to release during Summer 2022 under beta status.

Connector Error Handling

This feature gives users the ability to set custom connector error messages within workflows, so you can easily append or replace the default error messaging. By taking advantage of this customization ability, users can provide specific feedback and guidance to form respondents when connector errors occur. With this feature, users can also add contact information so respondents know who to notify of the error if necessary. Learn more about Connector Error Handling.

Workflow Responses (Beta)

With Workflow Responses, users can compile and view response reports of all data collected within workflows to improve data analysis and action. This bird’s eye view of information will help users maintain data accuracy and compliance, and will also enable users to identify any problems that are affecting the respondent experience. In the future, this Responses feature will let users modify data as well as print and export reports. Learn more about Workflow Responses.

Workflow Form Assignments (Beta)

This feature allows users to easily assign teammates to specific forms within a workflow and send automatic notifications to help ensure individuals stay accountable for completing tasks and keep workflows on track. Using Assignments, users can better ensure workflow steps are properly delegated and data can be collected from a number of respondents. Learn more about Workflow Assignments.

Explore Workflow’s new features

Workflow is always evolving to be even more powerful and functional for our customers. With these new features, users can further enhance the overall respondent experience and data collection processes, regardless of the complexity. To learn more, watch our What’s New with Workflow webinar or visit the link below.

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