[Webinar] What’s New with Workflow


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Six months ago, we released our biggest product development, FormAssembly Workflow. Today, this solution is even better than before, thanks to the efforts of our team and feedback from our customers. Watch our webinar on-demand below to hear members of our Product team talk about Workflow’s newest features.

FormAssembly Workflow was built to help our customers streamline and automate complex data collection processes for registration, applications, pre-qualification, and more. A powerful alternative to FormAssembly’s legacy workflow functionality, this solution minimized manual work associated with building out more complex and custom processes.

What you’ll learn

In our webinar, Asuka Goya, Product Manager, and Palak Patel, Product Owner, walk through new Workflow features, including Connector Error Handling, Workflow Responses, and Workflow Assignments. We explain:

  • How to improve task delegation within a workflow
  • How to easily review and manage workflow data
  • How to speak more clearly in error messages

Our Product team also provided a preview of the future of Workflow and answered questions from attendees during a live Q&A session after the presentation.

Start improving workflows today

FormAssembly Workflow is available on Enterprise, Compliance, and Govenrment Cloud plans. If you haven’t yet tried Workflow at your organization, reach out to us to get started!

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