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Imagine a world where work just flows

With FormAssembly Workflow, our visual, no-code process builder, it’s possible. Discover how you can save time, boost collaboration, and make better decisions faster with our revolutionary Workflow feature.


The new age of data collection

With Workflow, teams can visually map out the flow of data to enable better decision making, enhance teamwork, and make cross-departmental collaboration a breeze.

How Workflow empowers busy teams

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Simplify business processes

Inefficient processes can be a huge drag on productivity. Workflow is designed to help streamline and automate processes that require data collection from multiple different parties, in multiple different forms, and over multiple days. Better yet, workflows can be created in a simple, visual editor, with no code required.

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Enable better decision making

Making repetitive business decisions takes unnecessary time and effort. In Workflow, you can automate decision making by adding conditional steps that route workflows based on rules you set up. You can also easily pull and analyze and view response reports.


Save time and money

Workflow brings whole teams together with processes that you create. When one user can build workflows that involve several departments, you can cut out many time-consuming, cross-departmental responsibilities and tasks.

Workflow is built for the way your team works

Visual, no-code workflow builder

Workflow’s no-code builder lets you combine forms, emails, and other actions to build multi-step processes. The visual layout of the Workflow Builder helps you see a bird’s eye view of the journey your data will take.

Form-to-form prefilling

Form-to-form prefilling gives your users a better, easier user experience by prefilling information they’ve already entered elsewhere in a form. Prefilling also cuts down on the potential for inconsistent data.

External integrations

Integrations can be used with Workflow just as they are with FormAssembly forms. Workflow also allows users to conditionally trigger connectors based on actions in the workflow.

Easily launch workflows

Users can easily put their workflows into action by simply sharing a link with respondents through email, SMS, their website, or some other method. This lets you get processes rolling quickly without a need for extensive setup.

Don’t go with the flow.
Be the flow.