5 Ways FormAssembly’s Sales Team Uses FormAssembly


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How FormAssembly Uses FormAssembly Series

Learn how we use our own software! Follow along with our How FormAssembly Uses FormAssembly series for examples of how our growing team leverages customizable web forms across all departments.

Most sales teams want to minimize time spent on anything besides selling. One way to keep the eye on the prize is to arm a sales team with time-saving technology designed to help them do their jobs better. At FormAssembly, one of the tools our sales team uses is FormAssembly itself! Our team creates forms to improve prospect meetings, speed up account setup, and more.

Learn a few of the use cases we employ on our own team below.

1. Pre-Call Questionnaire

Prior to meeting with our prospects, we want to ensure we make the best use of their time and that we are prepared to give them the most valuable information about FormAssembly. To achieve this, we ask that prospects fill out a form to share in-depth details about their company and their current data collection situation.

2. Customer Setup Form

Once a customer decides to sign on with us, we use a form to gather their information and activate their instance. The form can be sent from within an Opportunity in Salesforce and is prefilled with Opportunity information to make it easier to fill out. Customers add account-related information, such as billing details, that is then sent back to Salesforce.

3. Enterprise Trial Setup Form

Trialing a platform before use is a common practice in the SaaS world. Professional and Premier customers can set up their own trials, but we follow a different process to set up trials for our Enterprise and above prospects. We use a Salesforce-connected form to set up trials for prospects interested in the Enterprise plan or higher. If that prospect converts to a customer, it matches information, such as instance and license details with another form, to make sure it’s not overwritten with the help of Skip-If formula.

4. Sales Engineer Scheduling Request Form

Sales Engineers play a key role in adding technical expertise to sales calls. To coordinate these meetings, we use FormAssembly and Saleforce. From a custom button on Opportunity pages in Salesforce, we launch a prefilled form that AEs use to add information about a call for the Sales Engineer to review. This information helps our sales engineer schedule and prepare for potentially complex prospect demos. This form and others also send responses to Slack channels for even better visibility.

5. CSM Handoff Form

A successful SaaS team works kind of like an assembly line, with each functional group playing their part and passing new business from marketing to sales and then to customer success. On our team when it’s time to pass a new customer from sales to success, we use a web form to coordinate this transition.

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