4 Ways Our Finance and HR Teams Use FormAssembly


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At FormAssembly, we use our own software on every single team in the company, from marketing to sales to product. We don’t use it to prove a point—it’s simply that useful. Any team, regardless of their function, can use FormAssembly to collect data internally or externally and connect it with the systems they use.

In this article, we’ll review FormAssembly use cases for two of the hardest-working teams in our organization: finance and human resources. Both of these teams work hard behind the scenes to ensure that our company runs smoothly and morale stays high. These teams use FormAssembly to keep pivotal programs running while reducing the amount of manual work needed.


Our finance team has the crucial responsibility of making sure FormAssembly and our employees are paid for the work that they do. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them. Their main FormAssembly use cases are expense reimbursement submissions and charitable contribution matching.

Expense Reimbursement

Through the normal course of business, employees (most frequently those on our sales team) incur expenses such as meals, airfare, and hotel stays. Without a system to collect and record these expenses, reimbursement could quickly become a mess of email threads and receipts. By using FormAssembly, our finance team can easily collect all reimbursement requests and related details in one form, allowing them to complete reimbursements on time each month.

Charitable Contribution Matching

FormAssembly supports the idea of giving back to the community, and we encourage our employees to take advantage of our donation matching program, where we match monetary contributions or the value of volunteer hours for an employee’s charity of choice. We use a FormAssembly form to manage all requests for contribution matching in one place.

Human Resources

People are one of the most important assets a company has. Our human resources team ensures we recruit and nurture the best talent and that our culture stays intact year in and year out. Their main FormAssembly use cases include yearly employee reviews and employee training forms.

Annual Employee Reviews

Yearly reviews are a key method of keeping morale high and keeping employees and managers on the same page about their performance and growth. To collect all the necessary information around employee reviews, we employ a three-form process that gathers employee self-reviews, peer reviews, and manager reviews, with the necessary notifications set up to keep everyone on the same page about the process. When we release our Workflow feature, we’ll be using it to improve this process even more.

Employee Training

All employees undergo FormAssembly training so we can more confidently sell, market, and support our own software. Our HR team manages training through a series of FormAssembly forms. Progress through the training forms is tracked on a form “dashboard” that updates dynamically with the completion of other training forms.

If you collect data, no matter what it is, you can use FormAssembly to cut out manual work, reduce confusion, and improve the way your systems connect with each other.

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