Back to School With FormAssembly: All the Ways to Learn About Our Data Collection Platform


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The pencils are sharpened and lunch boxes are packed! It’s that time of year where everyone is headed back to school, so we’re sharing all the ways you can learn more about data collection and boost your form-building knowledge with FormAssembly.

Whether you’re brand new to the FormAssembly platform or you’ve been around for a while, we believe that there’s always something new and exciting to learn. Plus, we focus on providing fresh content, resources, and knowledge materials each and every week so that you always have helpful information at your fingertips.

Ready to dive in? In this post, we’re showcasing all of the different ways that long-time customers and newbies alike can learn more about FormAssembly’s powerful data collection platform.

FormAssembly Academy

FormAssembly’s brand new certification program, FormAssembly Academy, is a can’t-miss opportunity for any data collection student looking to sharpen their skills. Our team created this interactive curriculum in hopes that professionals would have a chance to master FormAssembly and build their reputation as an expert in the platform.

FormAssembly Academy includes five comprehensive training modules that teach the basics of our platform. Each training module is self-paced and provides users with a deep-dive into our platform, including these main areas:

  • Form building
  • Form processing
  • Salesforce connectors
  • Payment connectors and integrations
  • Foundational FormAssembly knowledge

If you’re looking to head into the next chapter with fresh knowledge (and a handy certification badge that you can proudly display to colleagues and employers), then FormAssembly Academy is one opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

What Students are Saying

Many FormAssembly Academy participants have already gotten a head start on their certification, including hundreds of participants who have already completed the program! Check out some of our grads’ announcements on social media.

Content Library

Regardless of whether you’re the study-all-night type or the just-wing-it type (no judgment either way), we know you’ll want to bookmark our content resources. Our blog and resource library are constantly updated with the latest guides, free downloads, and informative articles.

We invite you to explore FormAssembly’s content library to learn more about topics that truly matter to life and business. You’ll find information about data governance, web form best practices, Salesforce, resources by industry, and so much more.

Case Studies

Curious how other customers have seen success with FormAssembly? Our case study library includes real-world customer experiences from companies in all industries, including healthcare, higher education, technology, government, nonprofit, and more. Along with stories and results, you’ll learn more about how our loyal customers use FormAssembly in the wild.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for how to get more out of our platform or wondering why FormAssembly is a must-have tool, you’re sure to find a customer story you can relate to. Visit the case study section of our resources page to get inspired with technical and creative ideas that you can take back to your own team.

Downloadable eBooks and Infographics

If you want an informative read to go with a fresh cup of coffee, grab one of our eBooks, whitepapers, or infographics! Some of our favorites include:

Informative Blog Posts

The FormAssembly blog is a treasure trove of information for students of any skill level. Catch up on the latest product releases, learn about recent events in the world of data collection, or explore helpful tutorials and instructional posts. We release new content every week, so check back often to take your knowledge up a notch.

Webinars and Classes

FormAssembly webinars and classes are another interactive way to interact with FormAssembly team members and guest co-hosts. From monthly demos to in-depth sessions on form building, data security, Salesforce trends, and more, each session offers new and relevant content for each and every learner, no matter what stage they’re at in their FormAssembly journey.

Registration for webinars and classes is always free, and you can snag your seat any time on the FormAssembly webinars page. If you can’t attend live, don’t stress! Simply sign up and we’ll send you a copy of the recording to view on demand at your convenience.

FormAssembly Support Resources

The FormAssembly Knowledge Base

Have a pressing data collection question? We bet our comprehensive Knowledge Base can solve it. Here, you’ll discover articles, how-to guides, technical tips, and even video lessons on how to get the most out of FormAssembly.

Customers can use the Knowledge Base in a variety of situations—kick off your FormAssembly experience by learning the basics, learn new skills, or troubleshoot a highly technical configuration challenge. If you have a question about anything FormAssembly related, this is a great place to check first. It’s available 24/7, easy to navigate, and packed with answers to all your questions.

Customer Success Team 

At FormAssembly, our whole team is committed to providing you with the most accurate, relevant, and updated information possible. While that’s the case, we recognize that our customers have use cases that are extraordinarily unique and innovative. Occasionally, you may need a personalized response on how to configure a FormAssembly feature.

Want professional and friendly help? Simply reach out to our Customer Success team by opening a ticket or sending a message to help@formassemblycom.

Implementation Services

FormAssembly’s Implementation Services team helps customers accomplish more than they ever thought possible with data collection and web forms. This offering provides custom form building and consulting, as well as group training!

Want to start your entire organization on the right foot with FormAssembly? Get maximum benefit with group training services for entire teams and departments. It’s the perfect way to go “back to school” this year. 

Learn and Grow With Us

The back-to-school season is officially here, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for FormAssembly customers all around the world! As you level up your data collection knowledge and skills, don’t forget to reach out and let us know how FormAssembly is shaping the data collection culture at your organization.

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