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GA Cookie Source Capture

Used to grab the value of the source cookie and populate the utm_source field.

From the eBook:

“FormAssembly has revolutionized the way Keshet organizes and collects donations. Through a new “Pay My Commitment” form in conjunction with Salesforce, Keshet can remind donors of their pledges, prefill their gift identification number, and allow them to submit payments online. The transformation dramatically increased their financial turnaround, allowing them to secure more donations to fund programming.”

—Jodi Nemser-Abrahams, Director of Data and Systems, Keshet

“We used [FormAssembly] for volunteer check-in at our half marathon last week. For the first time, our volunteer team had the ability to easily sign in volunteers for their assignments and – perhaps more importantly – monitor attendance in real-time and act upon this data as needed. Our volunteer manager, for example, was very happy to know that all of our bus greeters had arrived at their assignment – which was not possible before. It’s a great first step to the kind of technology-focused approach we will need for future events like the marathon.”

—Chris Minerd, Salesforce Administrator, B.A.A.

“We use FormAssembly to clean a large amount of information at once, and we use FormAssembly via landing pages to confirm that we have the right information. Plus, we’re able to collect information like who needs access to certain portals. This expedites our startup process.”

—Mike Osterbur, Associate Director, Platform Configuration and Administration, Continuum Clinical

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