[Infographic] HIPAA Compliance Checklist


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HIPAA compliance is likely a familiar topic to you if you work in a healthcare organization that is located in or operated in the U.S. To avoid hefty fines related to handling and processing protected health information, it’s vital that you follow the requirements of HIPAA, or, the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Whether you work at a hospital, family practice, or some other organization in the healthcare space, it’s likely you don’t work in a vacuum. You may work with a variety of tools and platforms on a daily basis, and some of these may need to process Protected Health Information (PHI) at some point. In this case, it’s important that your vendors are HIPAA compliant as well, otherwise you could face repercussions based on their neglect.

FormAssembly’s Compliance Cloud Plan

FormAssembly’s Compliance Cloud plan provides peace of mind when collecting PHI that it’s being handled in a secure, compliant manner. We originally received HIPAA compliance in 2016 and have maintained it over the years by putting in the required work, including gap and risk assessments, following best practices, undergoing audits, and other requirements.

This proven compliance makes the Compliance Cloud plan ideal for healthcare organizations that want to process PHI through patient information forms, medical release forms, medical research forms and more.

Infographic: HIPAA Compliance Checklist

To help you better understand the requirements of HIPAA and how they relate to any vendors such as FormAssembly that you plan to work with, we created a HIPAA compliance checklist, that sums up some of the main things to look for in a HIPAA compliant vendor.

When you download this checklist, you’ll learn about aspects that make FormAssembly a solid and reputable choice for a HIPAA compliant vendor, such as:

  • Proper Operational Protocols
  • Customizable Password Controls
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Encryption at Rest

Learn more when you download this HIPAA compliance checklist.

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