Introducing FormAssembly’s New Certification Program


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If you’ve ever taken courses through online education providers like Lynda or Coursera, you know the benefit of becoming certified in a certain skill set. In the competitive professional world, advanced knowledge of an industry, job role, or program helps you become a more valuable employee or stand out in your job hunt.

We understand the importance of gaining new knowledge and skills, and we are pleased to introduce our new certification program, FormAssembly Academy! Developed strategically for our customers and partners in the LMS platform Skilljar, this educational program helps professionals enhance their FormAssembly abilities.

Why did we create FormAssembly Academy?

FormAssembly Academy was created to give professionals a chance to master FormAssembly and build their reputation as an expert in our platform. Through this comprehensive training program, we can help users get more out of FormAssembly at their organization. For businesses, this certificate will confirm that a job candidate demonstrates expertise in data collection and web forms.

What to expect with FormAssembly Academy

The FormAssembly Academy consists of five comprehensive training modules that cover the basics of our data collection platform. These self-paced training modules will take a deep-dive into our platform, helping users gain valuable knowledge in:

  • Form building
  • Form processing
  • Salesforce connectors
  • Payment connectors & integrations
  • FormAssembly knowledge

The certification program will conclude with a comprehensive exam. Upon passing, users will receive a certificate and resources to promote the certification on social media, in email signatures, or on a website.

Enhance your FormAssembly knowledge and skills

Interested in participating in FormAssembly Academy to prove your experience and skills with our platform? Begin your certification journey today!

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