FormAssembly’s Salesforce Prefill Connector: Prefill Forms with Salesforce Data


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In talking to customers and asking what their favorite FormAssembly features are, one tool in particular comes up time and again: the FormAssembly Prefill Connector. Customers who have Premier plans or above can make use of this incredibly helpful feature in a variety of time-saving use cases.
With the Prefill Connector, you can use a single parameter in a prefill link and pull data dynamically from Salesforce to prefill your form. This easy setup doesn’t require long, unwieldy links, enables you to pull data from multiple Salesforce records, and results in up-to-date information being pulled into your FormAssembly form.

Stay in Touch With Customers Using the Prefill Connector

Here’s an example of how you could use the FormAssembly Prefill Connector to stay in touch with your Salesforce contacts. You could simply send a link to a form with no Prefill Connector and ask contacts to update their information, but that adds an extra step for your busy contact to have to re-enter information you may already have of theirs.
That’s where the Prefill Connector comes in. You can build the form however you like, since we support all kinds of fields. And the branding’s all yours.
Here’s how it works:

  1. You email your Salesforce contacts with a link to a contact information update form with the Prefill Connector enabled.
  2. A contact reads the email and clicks the link.
  3. As your contact opens the form, her contact info from Salesforce is prefilled. Your contact sees her contact info and updates her mailing address.
  4. She presses the “Submit” button, and the form automatically updates her contact info in Salesforce.

Getting Started

If you haven’t previously used the Prefill Connector, we encourage you to dive right in! Retrieving data from your Salesforce org has never been easier, and it may save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Remember, to get started you’ll need:

  • A FormAssembly Premier, Enterprise, or Compliance Cloud Plan
  • A prefilling link and a setup query parameter in your connector
  • A handy step-by-step guide (with videos) to help you troubleshoot along the way

Want to learn more about our prefilling forms with Salesforce data and other Salesforce form use cases? Read our comprehensive guide to creating Salesforce forms with FormAssembly.

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