FormAssembly Releases: March 2022


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As we move into March, we’re prioritizing improvements to our Workflow solution and our platform as a whole that make FormAssembly easier to use and more customized to your situation. Keep reading for the highlights of what we released in March. 


Custom Connector Error Messages in Workflow

We know that connector errors can sometimes be confusing and unhelpful to form respondents. Now in Workflow, you can set a custom error message for any connector instead of relying on the basic error messages provided by platforms like Salesforce. This lets you give helpful guidance and direction in simple, straightforward language to your users when connector issues. 

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Bulk Response Reprocessing 

We understand that reprocessing multiple responses when there’s a connector error can be time-consuming and frustrating. With Bulk Response Reprocessing, available on Enterprise Cloud, Compliance Cloud, and Government Cloud, you can now reprocess multiple responses at once, making quick work out of the cleanup then issues arise. 

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Workflow Early Access Program

Want to know about Workflow features before they’re widely released and have a say in the product development process? We’re launching an Early Access Program for customers who utilize our new Workflow offering for Enterprise, Compliance, and Government accounts. If you’re heavily invested in Workflow or have plans to start using it soon, please fill out this survey to express your interest in joining the program.

To provide the best experience for everyone involved, we’re limiting participation to a short list of customers. If you don’t hear back from us shortly, this means we’re at capacity and we’ll put you on a waitlist for future opportunities. 

[Update] This program is now closed.

Other releases 


If you use our Salesforce integration, there’s a chance you might have experienced broken dynamic picklists or other connector issues due to the management of Salesforce OAuth tokens. When we studied the problem, we found that users were creating the same connection on each form during the building process instead of leveraging a saved connection. To solve this, we’ve made a few changes to the interface to help users select the Salesforce connection they already have configured rather than create the same one again. Going forward, this change should help you avoid going over your  Salesforce OAuth limit.

Bug Fixes

In addition to improvements, we’re also staying on top of small fixes we can make to streamline the experience of using FormAssembly. These bugs often affect just one customer or a very small group of customers. While you might not notice some of these fixes at all, you might be excited to see others being addressed. Here’s a sampling of the functionality we restored in March: 

  • Error-free PDF generation is possible in Workflow
  • Email notifications will send to multiple email addresses successfully even if one is invalid 
  • iATS transaction IDs can successfully be used in Salesforce Submit connectors 

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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