New Feature: Save Time with Bulk Response Reprocessing


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Have you ever needed to reprocess a response in FormAssembly either because of a connector issue or some other reason? 

Now, with our new bulk reprocessing feature, reprocessing responses is quick and easy. Bulk reprocessing allows you to filter, select, and reprocess multiple responses, saving you hours of time and effort when unexpected connector errors occur.

Why use this feature

When connector errors prevent data from syncing to the right location, you need a way to quickly remedy the situation. Bulk reprocessing offers: 

  • Ability to select the exact response you need
  • Time and effort saving
  • An easy solution when things go wrong

Who can use this feature

This feature is available on Enterprise, Compliance Cloud, and Government Cloud plans. 

Try it today! 

Connector errors happen, and when they do, you need a way to get your processes back on track and get your data where it needs to go. Try out the new feature today on your account. 

Not on an Enterprise, Compliance Cloud, or Government Cloud plan? Reach out to our team today to explore the options. 

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