[eBook] Web Forms for Sales & Marketing Teams

Dig deeper into using FormAssembly on your sales or marketing team with our newest eBook: “Web Forms for Sales & Marketing Teams.”

In this eBook, we cover plenty of reasons to use FormAssembly to improve sales and marketing efforts, in addition to best practices for creating forms and what to look for in the ideal form solution.

Why Do Sales and Marketing Teams Need a Form Solution?

The eBook goes into greater detail, but the simple answer to this question is that sales and marketing professionals need to collect data to do their jobs. They also need a solution that’s agile, easy-to-customize, and connected to key systems like Salesforce and payment processors.

The right form solution will allow you to easily create sophisticated, branded web forms and be compliant with requirements for sensitive data like healthcare and payment information.

What Will I Learn in This eBook?

  • Neat FormAssembly features like our mobile app and Salesforce connector that help you do your job faster
  • Tips for creating better, more effective forms
  • Details about our Enterprise-level security for select plans
  • Further reading and examples of how other businesses have used FormAssembly to improve their processes

What Steps Should I Take After Reading This eBook?

After downloading the eBook, you can try FormAssembly out for yourself with an extended trial (code included in the eBook!). Reach out to us by email with any other questions!

Don’t just collect data — leverage it.