Why Unlimited Forms and Responses is Key to Unlocking Success


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At FormAssembly, we know how important it is for you and your team to get the most value for your investment. What sets our platform apart from the rest when it comes to data collection? With FormAssembly’s unlimited online form builder, you’ll never face roadblocks when it comes how many forms you can make or how many responses you can collect. Without these restraints, you’re free to take your organization’s success even further.

Check out the list of benefits below to see why unlimited forms and responses can make all the difference when it comes to achieving new business goals.

Collect Limitless Customer Feedback

No matter what size business you operate, it’s vital to check in with your customer base. Research shows that highly engaged customers purchase 90% more and spend up to 60% more per transaction.

With that in mind, it’s in your best interest to find out what your customers or clients like or dislike, what their needs are, and how can you address them while nurturing business relationships. Customer feedback is vital whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’ve been serving a dedicated fan base for years.

With FormAssembly’s unlimited online form builder, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating and distributing unique surveys. You can open continuous communication channels with your audience without ever having to worry about time or response restrictions. In fact, it’s even a best practice to send multiple surveys over a period of time, so that you can ensure that data is accurate and not skewed by a small sampling.

Plus, FormAssembly is way more than a survey tool. With powerful integrations to Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, your collected feedback can be automatically housed in your CRM for even better customer engagement and analytics.

Create Better Sales and Donation Forms

Sales and donation forms both generate incoming revenue for businesses and organizations. Surely, no organization would want to set limits on something so critical!

For eCommerce businesses, sales order web forms are often a better alternative to shopping carts. These forms are often “more cost-effective and are generally easier to implement, manage, and use.” With FormAssembly, you never have to worry about hitting a maximum response count, or about how many sales forms you can generate. Create as many as you’d like, and embed them effortlessly.

Many of FormAssembly’s nonprofit customers, such as Keshet, use the unlimited online form builder to collect incoming donations and to remind donors of their pledged commitments. Since the success of these nonprofit groups is largely dependent on the number of donations they receive, a form platform with no limits is crucial to continued growth. At the same time, FormAssembly’s capabilities cut down on extra costs like manual data entry, which also frees up valuable time for administrative staff.

When describing FormAssembly’s time-saving benefits, Beth Zimmerman, Founder and Executive Director of Pets for Patriots reported a 50% reduction in manual processing time for applications, which has a significant benefit for their staff of 3.

FormAssembly’s capabilities cut down on extra costs like manual data entry, which also frees up valuable time for administrative staff.

Generate Unlimited Leads

In the B2B world, lead generation is paramount. Driving new leads is often a top priority for marketers and sales personnel, and rightly so. Without fresh new leads, business opportunities dry up quickly.

Smart, branded web forms can be included in a number of ways on a company’s website to drive new leads. Use forms to allow website visitors to request downloadable content, collect signups for online webinars, connect them to free product demos, or include them on various ad campaign landing pages. The creative possibilities are endless!

When choosing to use FormAssembly’s unlimited online form builder, you’ll never run into a cap on how many forms you can create for lead capture, or where you can place them. Start generating new leads as soon as you publish your form.

Save Time with Cloning and Archival Ability

Web form creation probably isn’t the only thing on your to-do list. FormAssembly offers plenty of ways to save time and energy so that you can continue to reap rewards and scale your success without extra effort. Use FormAssembly’s cloning feature to copy and duplicate existing forms, which you can then tweak or edit as needed.

Additionally, archiving old forms allows you to save inactive forms that you may need to come back to or refresh at a later date. The best part? There’s room for everything! These features mean you’ll not only be successful when it comes to time management and form design, but you’ll also be able to continually generate new responses without missing a beat.

If this post sparked some inspiration for how to use our unlimited online form builder, make sure to grab your copy of the 100 Ways to Use FormAssembly eBook today!

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