Form Builder Tips: 5 Shortcuts to Save Time


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Ever wished you could speed up your workflow in the Form Builder?

Here are a few ways to get things done faster!

1. Drag & Drop Fields from the Add Content Menu

Clicking the field types will always add the field to the bottom of the page. To place a field somewhere else, just drag it from the menu and drop it where you need it.

2. Sort Choices Automatically in Alphabetical Order

Need to get your multiple choice options in alphabetical order quickly? Select the multiple-choice field you want to sort, click Edit Choices, and click sort above the choices. Presto! They’ll be sorted instantly.

3. Copy and Paste Text Without Formatting

By default, the Form Builder will preserve some of the original formatting whenever you copy and paste content. If you’d rather not keep the original formatting, use the “Paste and Match Style” keyboard shortcut associated with your browser and operating system:

4. Use Predefined Content

Have fields and sections that you use frequently? Take a look at predefined content. You can use existing predefined content options such as US states or countries, or create your own.

5. Copy Forms

Have a form that you want to replicate with a few tweaks? Simply clone it, update the name, and make any changes you need. Copying forms also copies connectors, which is useful when you have a complicated connector setup that you need to reuse.

Got any tips to share? Wanna tell us how these shortcuts are working for you? Just leave a comment here, drop a line, or tweet @FormAssembly. Don’t have a FormAssembly account to try out these tips? Try us out for free today.

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