How Healthcare Organizations Streamline Their Salesforce Data Collection


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Healthcare has seen one of the biggest digital transformations in the last few years, brought on primarily by a global pandemic. Today, healthcare is focused on implementing technology to help address workforce shortages, minimize staff burnout, and keep operations running smoothly. Integrated data collection solutions are a key piece of this healthcare tech stack. The right platform can help organizations, especially those that use Salesforce, increase efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and keep sensitive data secure. 

FormAssembly’s Salesforce-integrated platform provides such a solution for healthcare organizations looking to improve data collection workflows. With our platform, healthcare customers have been able to focus on providing streamlined experiences for everyone involved, while ensuring more sustainable data processes long-term.

3 Ways to Streamline Healthcare Data Workflows

If your healthcare organization is looking to implement technology to improve Salesforce data collection, having the right platform is critical. Learn how FormAssembly customers used our platform with seamless Salesforce integration to streamline workflows and provide healthcare services quickly and efficiently.

No-Code Form Building

Paper forms are not only a burden to administrative staff, but can be a headache for individuals to fill out as well. With paper forms, there’s also no guarantee that an individual will fill out all required information, or do so with legible handwriting. Errors are also far more common when humans are involved in manual tasks if form data must be inputted into a spreadsheet or CRM like Salesforce.

A no-code platform for building web forms solves the problem of time-consuming paper processes. With drag-and-drop functionality in the form builder, staff with no prior technical knowledge can easily create, manage, and deploy forms. Administrative teams are free to get forms up and running with ease, eliminating the need for paper documents and spreadsheets.

Real-World Use Case: Alosa Health 

Alosa Health formerly depended on unreliable paper forms for conducting needs assessments and collecting post-program feedback from education program participants. Not only were forms being mailed to individuals, but required a lengthy waiting period for these forms to be faxed, emailed, or mailed back to the office. Administrative staff then had to transcribe data and manually enter it into an Excel spreadsheet.

The Alosa Health team simplified and streamlined their data collection processes, using tablets instead of paper documents to gather critical information. Implementing FormAssembly and connecting the platform to Salesforce also better ensures high-quality data. Now, the team can also better demonstrate their worth to clients, partners, and people who fund the work.

Key Results

  • 500+ sheets of paper saved per year
  • 30 practitioner visits per program per month

Salesforce Integration

Nothing slows down data collection workflows like having paper forms. Especially when these forms are full of data that must be manually imported to CRM software. If your team is currently entering data from paper forms into Salesforce, you know how inefficient and tedious these processes can be. Outdated processes are inconvenient for respondents that have to keep filling out the same information. And staff will spend hours cleaning up inaccurate or duplicate data.

A form-based data collection platform with Salesforce integration cuts out all these manual data entry tasks and ensures better data hygiene. This clean data is also stored efficiently in one place, making it easily accessible for editing, updating, and even reporting. FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration comes with several key features — including Dynamic Picklists and form prefill — that further streamline data collection processes.

Real-World Use Case: Continuum Clinical

Continuum Clinical previously struggled to stay efficient with large spreadsheets of data that required manual contacting for surveys. Response data that did not integrate with Salesforce only added to the challenge. These disconnected and disorganized manual processes were not only a burden to administrative staff but frustrated clients who kept needing to confirm their data.

Once Continuum Clinical implemented FormAssembly and the Salesforce Prefill Connector, they were able to quickly eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and improve data quality. The team now relies on a streamlined data collection workflow using features such as field validations and conditional logic to keep Salesforce data as clean and efficient as possible.

Key Results

  • 30+ forms created
  • 2,000+ responses collected 
  • 20% reduction in manual data cleanup workload

Process Automation

Manual paper-based processes are inefficient enough without the added stress of having to quickly mobilize healthcare professionals during a global pandemic. Manual processes also lack data security and privacy for applicants and slower response times as administrative staff battles the inefficiencies of paper forms.

A digital data collection solution is the answer for streamlined and reliable workflows, which are critical during a public health crisis. Using online forms also helps ensure more efficient and cleaner data collection. And automating these digital processes makes it easier overall to provide fast and real-time responses.

Real-World Use Case: California Health Corps

The California Health Corps was established during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. It quickly became apparent that their manual paper processes weren’t efficient enough to meet the rapidly growing need for healthcare workers. To increase the complications, paper documents didn’t meet the state of California’s data security and privacy requirements.

The team quickly adopted Salesforce and FormAssembly as part of their mobilization efforts, building forms, surveys, and quizzes for immediate distribution. With a seamless Salesforce integration and secure forms easily embedded in emails, FormAssembly delivered during a critical time. Data collected via forms automatically synced in real-time to Salesforce. This streamlined process for the limited staff and enabled fast, reliable deployment of healthcare workers.

Key Results

  • 700+ healthcare professionals rapidly mobilized at the beginning of the pandemic

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