July Product Release: Form Analytics, Approvals, Secure File Scan, and More


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Dive into the features our summer launch, all built to empower larger organizations and enterprises. This release features includes form performance, streamlined approval processes, effortless onboarding and user management, and more robust security measures for your data collection. 

Form Analytics

If you manage forms that require insights or have specific goals, such as marketing or donation/payments, Form Analytics will allow you to easily monitor and improve conversions.

Users with fully enabled Audit permissions on select plans now have access to form performance analytics. These analytics provide deeper insights into the key metrics that impact respondent experiences and conversions.

Performance metrics include conversion rates and form abandonment, drop-off, and bounce rates. The metrics also give visibility into which fields have the highest error count and which have the highest bottleneck count. You’ll have the option to view metrics over a certain time period between the last 7 days to the last 12 months.

Now available on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans.


If you have complex workflows for forms like applications or registrations, this feature simplifies the approval experience and offers branching logic based on approval or denial. 

Users with Approval permissions can now easily approve or deny a response within a workflow. This feature will empower your teams to collaborate effectively, put authority into the hands of the right resources, and bring accountability to your most important processes.

Any user building a workflow with an approval step can assign one or more approvers. Whenever a respondent submits a form response, the approver(s) receives an automatic email notification. Approvers can easily see a list of outstanding responses in need of review on the Approvals page within their FormAssembly instance.

Screenshot of Approvals page within the FormAssembly App.

Workflow Approvals enhance security for data collection processes that involve gathering sensitive data. All responses are contained behind the approver’s login and only accessible to the assigned approver(s).

Approvals are now available on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans. Approval Licenses are available for purchase to add Approvers to your account.

Secure File Scan

If your organization collects file uploads and has strict compliance requirements, Secure File Scan gives you an extra layer of security to protect against vulnerabilities with proactive antivirus scanning

This feature scans all incoming files attached to a form or workflow and shows the status of the upload, whether clean or flagged as suspicious. 

As an owner of a form or workflow that receives a suspicious file upload, you will receive an automatic email alerting you to review the files. Flagged files will still be sent through connectors to prevent process bottlenecks.

Screenshot of the Security page for Administrators within the FormAssembly App.

This feature is a part of a new security page that’s protected with a new permission. Only admins that have the authority to configure security settings in the organization can enable this feature. Check out our documentation to learn more.

Now available on Enterprise and Government plans.

User Groups

If you need to define roles and permissions based on certain departments or tasks, you can easily do this in a few clicks with user groups.

FormAssembly administrators can now define user groups to manage user permissions in bulk. This feature gives you the ability to set specific permissions for users with defined roles or data access restrictions.

Screenshot of the Sales Logs within User Groups in the FormAssembly App.

Within user groups, admins can create, view, remove, and add users based on the set group permissions. As an admin, you also have the ability to review and edit group permissions. User groups are additive, so they do not remove or modify existing permissions for a user. If a user is removed from a group, they will lose group permissions, but maintain the permissions they originally had.

Available soon on Essentials, Team, Enterprise, and Government plans.

Additional Feature Releases

We’ve released several additional features this quarter, all designed to improve experiences for new users.

Bulk Ownership Transfer of Forms

Administrators can now easily deactivate an old user and transfer ownership of all forms and responses to an existing user. If necessary for records, admins can also record the reason for deactivation and ownership transfer. Once the form and response transfer is complete, new users will be the new form owner and will have the same permissions as the original owner.

New User Welcome Email

Admins can now send a welcome email to new users with the touch of a button. New users receive an email with a link to set up a password for their FormAssembly instance. This process further enhances security by forcing new users to create their own unique passwords instead of being set by admins.

Get a Live Look at the Newest Features

Interested in seeing a demo of these exciting new features? Join our product release webinar on Tuesday, August 1st, at 11 a.m. ET.

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