Product Update: Custom URL Capability for Enterprise & Compliance Cloud


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FormAssembly is constantly making improvements to our product to better serve our customers. In a direct response to customer feedback, we have added custom URL functionality that allows Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers to generate custom vanity URLs for their web forms. Read on to learn more about this update.

What’s changed

FormAssembly is adding custom URL functionality to Enterprise and Compliance Cloud in order to advance users’ ability to personalize the form experience for their respondents. This is one of our most popular feature requests, and we’re excited to make this new feature available to our customers.

Our product allows for customization of the content, themes, thank you messages and auto-responders, and now, we allow a way for Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users to customize their form URLs. This will help our users share more memorable, on-brand, and personalized URLs with their respondents.

Custom URLs can be alphanumeric with dashes and underscores and must be unique to the instance. Learn more about additional validation rules here.

Here are some examples of valid custom URLs:


The image below shows what users will see when configuring a custom URL for their form.

Update impact

This feature will now be included in FormAssembly’s Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans. This update will not be available on free trials, Professional, or Premier plans.

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