What’s New with FormAssembly: Form Builder, Security Enhancements, Workflow, and Mobile


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Our team is excited to announce the launch of our new product features this quarter, including several enhancements to our form builder and Workflow, security and compliance updates, and a brand-new refresh of the FormAssembly Mobile app. The new and improved product features in this quarter’s launch are a result of listening to our customers and their needs for a secure, compliant, and scalable data collection platform. Read on to learn more about the exciting new product features we released this quarter.

Taking data collection workflows to a new level

Thanks to great customer feedback, we have released several important features to Workflow that make it easier to manage data collection processes and keep them on track. With Workflow, we’re helping to take our customers’ data collection processes to a new level and unlocking pathways to better data stewardship. Workflow is available for Enterprise plans and above.

Workflow architects now have the ability to assign forms to specific individuals and request responses from the right people using Workflow Assignments. This includes defining assignments to specific individuals or dynamically assigning tasks based on responses to a Workflow. Paired with the Workflow Responses feature, architects will be able to view assignees, send reminders, and reassign tasks to keep data flowing.

Workflow Response Logs centralize Workflow response data in one, easy-to-view report. This feature will take all of the response data for a Workflow and combine it into a digestible, detailed record. 

To round out our improvements to Workflow, architects now have the ability to clone Workflows. This makes it easy to quickly create a one-to-one clone of an entire Workflow for starting a new Workflow, testing and prototyping, troubleshooting, and more.

Enhancing the core functionality of our form builder

We’ve made considerable enhancements to the core functionality of our form builder, based on requests from our customers. These new features and updates will help make data collection processes more efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly. 

Address autocomplete

Forms that include an address field, such as a shipping address for an online order or a credit card billing address, now have address autocomplete functionality using Google API. Address autocomplete helps respondents seamlessly fill out their addresses with greater accuracy and efficiency. This is available on Enterprise and above plans. Take advantage of this new feature by updating the configuration on your forms. Note: Address autocomplete is optimized for U.S. and Canada addresses.

Dynamic Picklist updates

Our Dynamic Picklist feature now has expanded list limits of 100. Forms can now be completed faster, easier, and with greater accuracy, improving the user experience for respondents.

Conditional logic with text and dates

Conditional logic improvements make it easier than ever to build out sophisticated forms that show relevant sections only when you need them. Form builders can now trigger fields or sections to show based on a respondent’s text, date, and number inputs.

Form audit logs

Form audit logs now make it possible for users to gain insights into a form’s details, connections, settings, custom code, and more all in one location. This visualization simplifies the process for making form adjustments to improve loading time or troubleshoot setup.

Maintaining a commitment to privacy, security, and compliance

Our release also includes several notable security enhancements, including an upgraded Stripe Payment Connect that supports SCA payment processing, as well as SOC 2 Type II compliance, enforced authentication mode based on best practices, and more.

SCA-Compliant Stripe Connector

SCA support for payment processing has become a requirement for the EU and beyond. We’ve upgraded our Stripe Payment Connector to support SCA standards for more secure payment collection in all regions. This is available for all plans.

SOC 2 Type II compliance

SOC 2 Type II is a voluntary compliance standard meant to guide organizations on how they should manage customer data. We have added to our extensive security portfolio by investing in ensuring our organization meets SOC 2 Type II guidelines and have officially achieved compliance in 2022. This is available for all plans.

Enforced authentication mode

Security best practices are the cornerstone of every enterprise-ready platform. Our latest enhancement to secure-by-design principles now enforces user authentication by configuration for SAML or FormAssembly on login. This is available for all Enterprise plans and above and is currently in beta access only.

XSS security improvements

Continued protection against cross-site scripting attacks on mobile and web, preventing theft of session cookies, malicious requests in the victim’s name, and blocking phishing attacks. This is available for all plans.

Making data collection on the go simple

Our product launch also includes FormAssembly Mobile, an entirely new mobile application for Android and iOS. Our new and improved app allows users to fulfill business processes and duties in the field and away from their desks. With FormAssembly Mobile, users can keep their accounts secure by logging in using SAML authentication, attaching files to a form while offline, and syncing responses when back online. The FormAssembly app can be taken anywhere making on-the-go data collection easy, reliable, and secure. This is available to use for all plans. Note: Offline capabilities for iOS app only.

Looking ahead to 2023

With this release, FormAssembly is now also moving to a new, quarterly cadence for product releases. We value our customers’ product requests and their evolving core needs as long-term users of our platform. Our new quarterly release schedule provides customers with new features on a consistent, regular basis. This will enable our customers to better prepare and plan for updates and enhancements to the FormAssembly platform. 

As we look to the new year and beyond, we are excited to continue providing our customers with enhancements to our core technology that will allow them to further leverage our platform for their unique needs.

Learn more about our new feature releases by watching our on-demand webinar, “October Product Launch: What’s New with FormAssembly.”

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