FormAssembly Release: SCA-Compliant Stripe Connector


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As of this week, FormAssembly’s Stripe Connector is now fully compliant with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and will use this additional authentication method if required by the respondent’s bank. This means our users can now confidently use the connector to process SCA-compliant payments in Europe. Read on to learn more about the SCA-compliant connector and what it means for you.

Why is this important? 

Achieving SCA compliance on our Stripe Connector means that FormAssembly users based in Europe or users who have European customers now have an additional option to use for processing payments securely. Previously, FormAssembly only offered the PayPal payment connector.

What is SCA? 

If your organization is based in Europe or you collect payments from customers in the EU and EEA, you’ve likely already heard of SCA. This requirement in Europe’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) concerns the safety of digital payments. SCA applies to customer digital payments made to businesses in the EEA by cardholders who also bank in Europe. 

SCA requires:

  • The implementation of additional authentication steps to further verify the identity of a customer. These steps can be in the form of “something the customer knows, has, or is.”
  • The payment method being used allows for 3D Secure 2 (3DS2), which is a newer, more usable version of the previous protocol that enables a post-checkout step to gather additional authentication information.

Who is the SCA-compliant Stripe Connector available to? 

The connector is available on all FormAssembly plans and must be added to each form individually. 

What updates have been made to the Stripe Connector?

The majority of our connector updates occurred or will occur behind the scenes. All existing or new Stripe connectors will be automatically updated to be SCA-compliant and will begin using authentication methods if required by the respondent’s bank. If the respondent’s bank does not require SCA, no changes to the connector will occur.

The Stripe Connector will now use Stripe’s updated aliases when sending SCA-compliant payment information to Salesforce: Payment Intents (formerly Charges) and Setup Intents (formerly Subscriptions). Any existing Stripe aliases will not change or impact current setups

Do I have to make any changes to my Stripe Connector? 

You are not required to make any immediate changes to your Stripe Connector(s) to enjoy the benefits of this update. However, if you want to begin using Stripe’s updated aliases as hidden fields on your forms, you will need to refresh the Stripe Connector on each form that has the connector enabled.

Please refer to our Stripe Connector documentation for step-by-step instructions.


FormAssembly itself isn’t required to make any specific changes to comply with the PSD2 or SCA, but we understand the importance of this regulation for our customers. We’re glad to be able to support multiple options for SCA-compliant payment connectors and we hope these options simplify payment processing for your organization.

If you have any questions about SCA or refreshing your Stripe Connector, please reach out to our support team. 

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