[Webinar] October Product Launch: What’s New with FormAssembly


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Our first quarterly product launch this October is officially live! Based on most-requested new features, our product releases this quarter include enhancements to our Form Builder, Workflow, security, and more—all launched to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Watch our on-demand webinar led by our Knowledge & Training Manager Kayla Condello to get a walk-through of our newest feature releases!

What you’ll learn

In the webinar, Kayla provided an overview of the new features available to our customers. These enhancements will help make your data collection experience with our platform more user-friendly, streamlined, and secure than ever before. You’ll learn about the following product updates:

You’ll also get an overview of our brand-new mobile application for iOS and Android, FormAssembly Mobile. These apps are live and available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Learn more about new features

Interested in learning more about our latest feature updates and plans for future product launches? Read our blog post!

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