January 2023 FormAssembly Update: Progress Bar, Conditional Submit, and More


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We’re heading into the new year strong with a big list of exciting new product enhancements, security updates, and more, all with the goal of building a better experience for you and your customers. 

With our second quarterly release, our team is excited to announce several new customer-requested features as well as updates to user management. These updates are all designed to enhance your experience in the FormAssembly platform and make your data collection more streamlined and efficient than ever before.

New feature highlights

With the January release, the FormAssembly form builder is getting powerful new features you can use to boost response rates. The new mobile app is getting additional security tools, with biometric sign-in. And plans with multiple users will have a new way to manage their teams.

Configurable Progress Bar

When added to your multi-page forms, the new Configurable Progress Bar will show where a respondent is in the form based on how many required fields they have completed. This will give the perception that a form is almost complete, helping respondents finish forms and increasing submission rates.

Conditional Submit Button

Forms creators now have the ability to conditionally control at what point a respondent can click submit. This update doesn’t require custom code to add conditional rules to submit buttons, making it easier to control the quality of your form submissions.

Mobile App Updates

FormAssembly Mobile has more exciting updates to make on-the-go data collection more secure and streamlined. The Android and iOS mobile apps now have biometric login capabilities through face ID and fingerprint for easier, more secure logins. 

Both Android and iOS apps are now able to collect form responses while offline. Users can cache forms to their mobile devices to submit responses, then sync responses once online without experiencing any data loss.

Additional feature updates

Other notable features include improvements to Form Search, an update to configurable sender names, and deleted response management for Workflow.

For organizations with large amounts of data, the updated Form Search functionality enables administrators to filter forms by “active” or “archived” status. This eliminates the need to track active forms in external spreadsheets manually and reduces time spent on manual tasks.

Improved deleted response management for Workflow gives users the ability to restore or permanently delete data collected through their workflows, just as they are able to do through individual forms.

Test out FormAssembly’s newest features

FormAssembly is making many exciting changes this quarter, all designed to make data collection and processing easier and more secure for our customers. If you’d like to see FormAssembly in action or discuss current capabilities, we invite you to contact our Support Team or schedule a demo at the link below.

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