Solving Key Business Problems: Investing in a Customizable Solution vs. Leveraging Internal Resources


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If you need to solve a business process problem or meet a specific data collection need in your company, you might be considering building your own solution internally because you expect it cost less or take less time. You may also think that building a solution internally is the only reliable option to meet your complex needs while also staying in line with any applicable security, legal, or compliance restrictions in your industry.

While these may appear to be solid reasons, in many cases, building internally is more trouble than it’s worth, and you can achieve the same or better results by investing in ready-to-use data collection solution.

3 Problems With Building Internally

If you think your business need is too critical, too complex, and too customized to be handled by a third-party, first consider these issues with leveraging internal resources to build a solution to a need:

1. The Danger of the Unknown

If you haven’t built a system of this type before, you may find it doesn’t work as you expected. It may turn out to provide more functionality than you needed or not enough.

Ready-to-Use Solution: Proven by previous companies.

2. The Time Commitment

Building a system takes time, from mapping out how the workflow will progress, to the actual development and integration with your internal systems to the testing and training of staff.

Ready-to-use solution: Save time with a product that’s already built; you just customize.

3. The Reality of Opportunity Cost

The time spent on building a complex internal system to manage requests, applications, and other processes could be spent elsewhere on more impactful business initiatives.

Ready-to-use solution: Focus achieving goals, not building systems from scratch.

Instead, Choose FormAssembly: Customized Data Collection Solution

Free up Developer Time

FormAssembly’s user-friendly interface makes maintenance easy for technical and non-technical teammates alike.

From Initial Build: Time spent creating complex forms and workflows internally overloads developers with repetitive and low-level work.

To Ongoing Maintenance: Time spent editing and maintaining forms pushes down other projects, creating a never-completed backlog.

Customize & Control Your Forms

Customize: Our solution is not only robust out of the box, but is also completely customizable. From the look and feel, to custom logic, code, and functionality, FormAssembly can be used in countless use cases.

Control: Maintain admin control over your forms, your users, your connectors, your workflows, and more.

Advanced Security & Privacy

Choosing FormAssembly means choosing to allow us to take on the burden of security and compliance. We offer Enterprise-level security and privacy tested by third-party auditors, and have a team of experts working around the clock to ensure that your data is protected. Customers in financial services, healthcare, and higher education trust us to protect their information. If it’s important to you, it’s critical to us.

Avoid the Pitfalls of an Relying on Internal Resources

Choosing FormAssembly allows you to:

  • Focus on the most important projects
  • Refocus time and internal resources that would have been spent developing and editing forms and workflows
  • Retain control and achieve customized functionality
  • Work free of worries about insufficient security or privacy measures

Protecting Your Data Is Our Sole Purpose

Developers quit and move; FormAssembly is focused on protecting and maintaining our solution long-term.

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