4 Integrations to Help Streamline Your FormAssembly Workflows


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Using online forms to collect data is simple, but what are you doing with that data once it’s submitted? Spending countless hours transferring data to a spreadsheet or database. Constantly dealing with incorrect or missing data. Manually managing payments separately.

Every day, instead of focusing on the tasks that truly matter, you find yourself trapped in a web of endless data headaches and wasted time.

But what if there was a way to seamlessly integrate your online forms with your favorite tools? Imagine how much time and energy you could save if you no longer had to deal with the tedious task of manually transferring, updating, and processing response data. 

Learn all the ways our data collection platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, payment systems, spreadsheets, and more, so you can finally ditch manual tasks and start automating workflows.

Four Integrations to Simplify Data Processes

FormAssembly’s numerous integrations make it possible to keep data collection workflows running smoothly. Connected processes will help you eliminate data silos, ensure better data quality, and get everyone on the same page.

Salesforce Connector

Without a direct integration to Salesforce, you’re faced with the time-consuming task of manually importing response data into Salesforce records. This manual process increases the risk of data errors and inconsistencies. In the end, you’ll probably spend extra hours cleaning up the data you manually transferred previously. Talk about inefficient!

The Salesforce Connector makes it easy to create or update any standard or custom object for Salesforce records. The connector is also bi-directional, so you can display data directly from Salesforce into your forms. 

Using the connector helps make sure you’re collecting and automatically importing high-quality data without any manual intervention.

Data workflow benefit: Let the Salesforce Connector do the heavy lifting by automatically importing data into Salesforce records for you.

Salesforce Prefill Connector

Imagine the fatigue of having to submit your information over and over again to the same company. Why can’t they keep track of the data you’ve already shared with them? Don’t they know how much time you’re wasting? If you’ve ever been frustrated by this, you can be sure other people have too. 

The Salesforce Prefill Connector automatically pulls data from Salesforce records directly into your web form. This eliminates the need for respondents to manually enter information that is already in Salesforce and the need for you to manually import it into Salesforce. 

This helps to minimize typos, misspellings, or incorrect formatting that can reduce data quality. By integrating with Salesforce, pre-filled data can reflect updates or changes in real-time.

Data workflow benefit: Reduce the need to manually fix data errors by automatically pre-filling a form with data already stored in a respondent’s Salesforce record.

>>Watch Now: Introduction to the Salesforce Prefill Connector<<

Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Connectors

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets provide powerful data analysis and reporting features. But without an integration to these platforms, you’ll have to manually import data to workbooks or spreadsheets. 

This may cause data errors and inconsistencies and lead to delayed data availability. Your team won’t have real-time insights to create accurate reports and make data-driven decisions.

The Microsoft Excel Connector and Google Sheets Connector both automatically import form response data to a workbook or spreadsheet upon submission. 

In either case, you can select whether you want FormAssembly to create a new workbook/spreadsheet for the responses, or add the responses to an existing one. If you use the Excel Connector, there’s no manual field mapping required — the connector handles the data mapping for you with a standard set of generated columns.

Data workflow benefit: Say goodbye to manual data imports to Excel or Google Sheets with connectors that automatically send response data to corresponding columns in a workflow or spreadsheet.

Payment & Invoicing Connectors

Manual payment processing is a chore. Without a connection between your web forms and payment software, you can spend hours manually importing payment details, such as credit card information, billing address, and payment amount, into a separate system. 

This is not only complex and time-consuming work but increases the risk of human error and security concerns. You may even see fewer and fewer form submissions as more people decide your form is too insecure to submit their information.

Payment Connectors makes it possible to securely collect credit card information and process payments through FormAssembly forms directly into the payment system. Depending on which connector you choose, you can easily process one-time credit card payments or set up recurring credit card payments within a single form. We provide the following Payment Connectors.

Data workflow benefit: Provide a professional, secure way to collect one-time and recurring payments without manual updates or requiring respondents to submit payments separately.

Keep Streamlining Your Data Workflows

Integrations are a great way to streamline your data collection for a single web form. Want to learn how to streamline entire data processes? Read our eBook to get an overview of FormAssembly Workflow, our no-code visual process builder.

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