Formdational Class #4: Salesforce Prefill Connector


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One of our most-loved Salesforce integrations, our Prefill Connector, is an easy way to improve the overall user experience for people who fill out your forms. This connector prefills forms with information that is already in Salesforce to prevent form respondents from entering their information multiple times. This feature not only makes life easier for your respondents, but it also increases engagement and boosts form completion rates.

Prefilling is simple to set up, and it comes with many benefits. In our fourth Formdational Class, Kayla Condello, Knowledge and Training Manager, dove into the Prefill Connector and shared how to add this function to your forms. Watch an on-demand recording of the class below.

During the webinar, Kayla walked through all the possibilities of this integration by adding it to a web form during the demonstration. She also showcased how adding the Salesforce Prefill Connector can help optimize the time a respondent will spend on your forms. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to add the Prefill Connector to a web form
  • How to retrieve data from your Salesforce Org
  • Inspiring use cases of forms with the Prefill Connector

After the demonstration, Kayla hosted a Q&A session to answer questions from attendees about the Prefill Connector.

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