Go Green, Save Green: How Online Forms Impact the Environment & Your Bottom Line


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In today’s modern economy, “going green” is more than just a trendy buzzword. Forward-thinking organizations are rallying around the ideas of sustainability, conservation, and global responsibility. Recent data shows that up to 54% of American companies have developed an eco-inspired program as part of their normal business operations.

By focusing on the conservation of valuable resources, it’s no wonder that more companies are transitioning to fully digital processes. As more corporations and governments around the world promote climate-saving ideas, legislation, and incentives, this is a trend that’s bound to grow.

At FormAssembly, our mission of helping organizations ditch outdated paper processes in exchange for online forms easily lends itself to eco-conscious business practices. As we celebrate Earth Day, we’re highlighting all the ways that FormAssembly helps organizations make the switch to more responsible data collection.

The dirt on paper forms

Did you know that business printing costs in the United States add up to $120 billion every year? And yes, that’s just for companies in the U.S.

Whether your business is large or small, it’s important to take a close look at paper consumption and consider how it impacts the environment and your bottom line. Business leaders should look into the true cost of using paper by evaluating metrics such as:

  • How many sheets of paper each employee uses annually (up to several thousand per year)
  • How much printing and copying takes place during a fiscal year
  • How many filing or storage systems are required to maintain paper forms

In a small brick-and-mortar business, these amounts could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. For larger corporations, research shows that companies spend in excess of $30 million each year on paper, printing, and file management. Imagine the environmental impact of reducing these numbers by even a small fraction!

Online forms: Simple and sustainable

Cutting down your paper consumption is not only helpful from an environmental perspective, but it’s also a wise move if you’d like to improve the accuracy of your data. Paper processes have a reputation for being slower, more tedious, and less secure. In today’s digital landscape, respondents may even have a natural hesitation about submitting personal or sensitive information through a paper process.

By implementing a powerful and secure data collection platform like FormAssembly, you can increase sustainability in multiple ways. First, you can help save trees, natural ecosystems, and environmental resources. Additionally, you can ensure that your organization has sustainable, replicable processes that promote business growth year after year.

Fast facts from FormAssembly customers

Because we care so much about the results our customers experience, we regularly check in to see how much they’re saving. The results speak for themselves! In both large and small organizations, our customers are taking worthwhile steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • The Kentucky YMCA Youth Association saves an estimated 20,000 sheets of paper annually, while providing a streamlined way for students to submit applications.
  • TechBridge, a FormAssembly partner, developed an online form solution that allowed Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta to save 15,000 sheets of paper annually.
  • Alosa Health, a customer in the healthcare and medical research space, saves 500 sheets of paper saved annually while collecting information and feedback from a network of physicians and medical providers.

The potential for environmental and community impact with FormAssembly is nearly endless. Customers like Jonathan Pugh from Give Something Back, an organization that provides college scholarships to students in economic hardship, can attest to how flexible and adaptable FormAssembly is for these types of use cases. “We expand [FormAssembly] every day. Every single day, I have a list of additional forms to create, modify, or adjust based on additional things I have learned to do in FormAssembly. It’s never a static process,” Pugh said.

FormAssembly in the wild

Over the years, we’ve also had the privilege of telling the stories of several customers and partners with environmentally-focused mission statements. Below is a sampling of those who use FormAssembly for use cases related to environmental causes to not only save paper, but also to advance their own impact.

Vermont Organic Farmers

Vermont Organic Farmers switched to FormAssembly when staff members recognized that the organization’s lengthy paper form process was too difficult to maintain. As part of the USDA organic certification process, VOF also incurred steep costs for things like printing, postage, and manual data entry. With FormAssembly, VOF staff created personalized Organic Certification Forms and inspection reports that improved usability for everyone involved—including farmers, agricultural staff, and livestock owners.

Check out the VOF case study!

Arkus + Eden Reforestation Projects

In collaboration with the Salesforce team at Arkus, Eden Reforestation Projects used better data to fight global deforestation both economically and ecologically. By developing intuitive Partnership Application forms, the organization found a better way to communicate with essential business partners, increase funding, and promote their mission.

Check out the Arkus + Eden Reforestation Projects case study!

Outward Bound Costa Rica

Outward Bound Costa Rica is an experiential learning organization that offers challenges and team-building courses to develop leadership and other essential skills. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, FormAssembly helped staff members communicate with program participants and develop plans for future participation. In addition to regular program activities, the organization also encourages attendees to volunteer in the local community on ecological projects.

Check out the Outward Bound case study!


Pasa (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) leverages FormAssembly for both internal and external use cases. Not only do web forms help streamline administrative activities, but they also help Pasa reach donors and increase funding through one-time donations and recurring memberships. Resources are designated to the development of community-focused food systems, year-round agricultural workshops, and farming apprenticeships.

Check out the Pasa case study!

Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association

The Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association (PCFMA) transitioned from paper form processes to online forms during the 2018 market season. With FormAssembly, staff members can easily communicate with farmers and vendors, sync information in real time to Salesforce, and coordinate market events, field trips, and customer surveys.

Check out the PCFMA case study!

Grow your data collection (the digital way)

Worried that the switch to online forms will be cumbersome or challenging? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to fully transition from paper processes to online data collection.

  • Identify your current paper-related pain points (especially as they relate to sustainability).
  • Get started with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Enlist the support of Implementation Services experts if you need extra assistance.
  • Track your progress, including the number of responses collected, to better understand the positive impacts of FormAssembly on your business and the environment.
  • Get fancy! Leverage powerful features like integrations, conditional logic, email notifications, and more.

We also know that for many nonprofit organizations, monetary resources are especially valuable. That’s why we’re happy to extend a nonprofit discount for qualifying organizations. Apply today to see if you’re eligible for savings on our Professional and Premier plans.

Plant seeds for the future with FormAssembly

Are you ready to start taking the right steps environmentally and financially? FormAssembly is here to make your data collection processes seamless, simple, and cost-conscious. Start your free 14-day trial today to see what FormAssembly can do for you—no credit card required.

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