A Recap of FormAssembly’s Formdational Class Video Series


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This year, our team launched the Formdational Class series. This series covered everything from basic FormAssembly knowledge, to “smart” forms, to Salesforce connectors, to our newest product release, FormAssembly Workflow. This series of classes was designed to help our customers expand their FormAssembly knowledge and learn new tips, tricks, and best practices for using our data collection platform.

In this blog post, you’ll find all the recordings of all these sessions. We hope these videos provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to transform your data collection workflows now and in the future. These webinars build on previous knowledge, so we recommend that you view them in chronological order!

Formdational Class #1: FormAssembly 101

In our first webinar in the Formdational series, our knowledge and training experts provided an overview of our platform, including:

  • FormAssembly plans
  • How to use the Form Builder
  • The basics of form building
  • Where to find helpful resources

Formdational Class #2: FormAssembly 102

Our second Formdational class focused on more advanced FormAssembly knowledge. Our knowledge and training experts dove even further into the world of FormAssembly and taught how to:

  • Customize and optimize specialized forms
  • Take advantage of unique form builder options
  • Use FormAssembly to fit specific user needs

Formdational Class #3: Salesforce Connector

Our third Formdational class covered our powerful Salesforce Connector. Our knowledge team provided a walkthrough of how to:

  • Configure the Salesforce integration
  • Test Salesforce forms and connectors
  • Use field mapping on different field types
  • Set up skip-if formulas for Salesforce records

Formdational Class #4: Salesforce Prefill Connector

Our fourth Formdational class introduced our Salesforce Prefill Connector, which enables users to prefill forms with data pulled directly from Salesforce. In this session, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Add the Prefill Connector to a web form
  • Retrieve data from your Salesforce Org

Formdational Class #5: Smart Forms

In the fifth class of our Formdational series, our knowledge team demonstrated how to “get smart” with more advanced, dynamic form building techniques, including:

  • Formulas and calculations
  • How to automate processes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Conditional notifications

Formdational Class #6: Workflow 101

In our sixth Formdational class, we introduced our newest and most transformative product release yet, FormAssembly Workflow. Our team showcased the many features and benefits of this new solution, including how to:

  • Map out simple to complex processes in the Workflow Builder
  • Boost user experience with form-to-form prefilling in workflows
  • Use conditional routing to designated paths based on respondent choices
  • Create a seamless data collection process with external integrations

Continue building your FormAssembly knowledge

We’re constantly providing brand-new content on our blog and hosting educational webinars to help our customers get the most out of our data collection platform. Check out what’s new or visit our Resource Center or complete our certification program to keep building your FormAssembly knowledge!

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