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On April 2, 2020, FormAssembly announced its new COVID-19 Assistance Program, offering pro bono accounts along with free implementation services and support to organizations with projects directly involved in the fight against COVID-19. Here are the media highlights about this announcement:

The Highlights:

Martin Giles, Forbes, mentions FormAssembly in this article: Free Software That Businesses, Schools And Others Can Use During The COVID-19 Crisis

“The scale and speed of the shift has turned this into an unprecedented challenge for all kinds of companies, but especially smaller ones who haven’t yet invested heavily in remote-working technology. Government agencies and hospitals on the frontline of tackling the COVID-19 crisis are also looking for software that can help teams get to grips with the virus, and to share information with one another and with the wider world.”

Startup Junkie mentions FormAssembly in this article: Free Software For Businesses, Healthcare Providers And Educators During COVID-19

“The company is offering free accounts, along with implementation services and support, to organizations directly involved in the fight against COVID-19. Its service ensures data collection complies with privacy rules in force around the globe.”

Arooj Ahmed, Digital Information World, mentions FormAssembly in this article: 60 awesome tools and services made available amid the coronavirus pandemic

“With so many people relying on technologies that support video conferencing, remote team collaborations, online study portals, and other activities, the demand for efficient tools has increased. The world economy has crashed down too, so the need for free software increased exponentially, and to cater to this problem, many established tech companies have now made their software freely available for a certain period of time, while others [are] offering extended [trials].”

KMWorld mentions FormAssembly in this article: FormAssembly provides data collection needs for those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response

“With these high standards of data privacy and security, the platform can be leveraged for multiple COVID-19 related use cases, including self-assessment questionnaires, clinical trial screening, volunteer registration forms, donation forms, and more.”

Successful Business News quotes Cedric Savarese, founder and CEO of FormAssembly, in this article: FormAssembly Offers Free COVID-19 Assistance Program

“We all know how important it is to have timely and accurate data in the battle with COVID-19. As we began to see how some of our customers on the front lines of this crisis were using FormAssembly to collect critical data, we realized we needed to step up and make our product and services available to more organizations at no cost, in this literal life-or-death situation.”

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