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Article: “15 Team-Building Tips For Tech Leaders”
Author: Forbes Technology Council

Article Summary: 

In the Forbes article written by the Forbes Technology Council, Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly, discusses leading technical teams and covers:

  • The ability of team leaders to be able to motivate and encourage their team
  • How to ensure that tech teams build trust and camaraderie
  • Why it is essential for tech departments to build a foundation of real teamwork

The Highlights: 

Cedric Savarese on the importance of having excellent soft skills when leading technical teams:

“Make sure that your team leaders and managers have exceptional soft skills. They’re in the trenches every day with the team, and it’s essential that they have the ability to keep the team motivated and engaged.”

Cedric Savarese on how to build a successful team:

“They [team leaders] need to be adept at making small gestures of encouragement, as well as able to keep undesirable behavior in check.”

The article can be in found in full here.

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