Watch Now: All About FedRAMP Fireside Chat with FormAssembly + AWS


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In our recent virtual FedRAMP Fireside Chat with FedRAMP experts Ted Steffan, Security Partner Strategist at AWS, and Chad Cragle, Director of IT Security and Compliance at FormAssembly, we explain the significance of FedRAMP compliance, why your company should prioritize it, and what takes place behind the scenes of the certification.

If you missed the live session or just need a refresher, replay the recording in full below or read on for a summary.

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What you’ll learn

This virtual discussion about FedRAMP is informative for those at any stage of the FedRAMP certification journey, as well as consumers in FedRAMP-affected industries. Chad and Ted answer questions about these topics and more:

  • What it means to be FedRAMP compliant
  • Why organizations need to choose vendors that are FedRAMP compliant
  • Which industries are affected by FedRAMP compliance
  • What to expect during the FedRAMP certification process
  • How AWS and FormAssembly can help in your government organization’s pursuit of security and compliance

How FormAssembly can help

FormAssembly recently announced FedRAMP Ready status on our Government plan offering, which is a secure data collection platform built specifically for government organizations. In addition to a user-friendly form builder, powerful integrations, and comprehensive support offerings, Government plans include features specific to the needs of government agencies.

The Government plan is the only all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform available on the FedRAMP marketplace. To get started with FpromAssembly and the Government plan, reach out to us today.

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