Customer Highlight: Nonprofits Providing Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine


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Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, millions of Ukrainian citizens have fled from their homes and now seek refuge in shelters or continue to evacuate the country. As this devastating humanitarian crisis unfolds, many nonprofit organizations have accelerated their efforts to help provide relief and support for Ukrainian refugees. 

If you have been left wondering how you can provide support amidst this crisis, below are several organizations providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine that are currently accepting donations. 

The UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee Agency helps save, protect the rights, and help build better futures for refugees, displaced communities, and stateless people affected by persecution, violence, and war. The organization has accelerated operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighboring countries to provide life-saving protection for Ukrainian families who have fled their homes. One-time or monthly donations to this nonprofit provide protection and emergency cash assistance for families, psychosocial support for displaced children, and relief items such as blankets, tarpaulins, and jerry cans for clean water.

Learn more and make a donation here.

War Child UK

War Child specializes in providing humanitarian care for children in conflict and is currently ramping up efforts to provide life-saving support and psychological care to Ukrainian children in war zones. This organization also provides services for children recovering from trauma as well as equipping them with resources and skills for the future. Donations to this nonprofit organization help assist in these humanitarian efforts now and also help children with post-war recovery.

Learn more and make a donation here.

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund provides support and community for Jewish people in Israel and around the world. They are currently providing emergency funding to support the vulnerable Jewish community in Ukraine. One-time or monthly donations to this nonprofit organization’s Ukraine Emergency Fund provide welfare services to elderly and at-risk Jewish families, mobilize volunteers and staff, assist refugees in Ukraine and neighboring countries (including temporary housing), provide satellite phones, and more.  

Learn more and make a donation here.

Additional resources 

FormAssembly is proud to work with the organizations listed above. For additional nonprofit organizations that are providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine, please view resources from NPR, Nova Ukraine, and Crisis Relief.

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