3 Ways to Use FormAssembly to Keep in Touch With Customers Throughout the Lifecycle

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Over the past few months, we’ve been talking a lot on the the blog about how you can use the features of FormAssembly’s Salesforce Submit and Prefill connectors to act as a seamless replacement for Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, which is scheduled for retirement in June 2017. You might’ve noticed that we’ve covered a lot of potential … Read More

How Nonprofit Organization Baltimore Corps Streamlined and Formalized Their Fellowship Program Application With FormAssembly

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Our nonprofit customer Baltimore Corps uses FormAssembly in a variety of ways, including preparing for and following up from events, and processing and reviewing applications for their Fellowship program. Baltimore Corps is a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization seeking to connect talented individuals with local organizations to ultimately work toward effecting positive social change in Baltimore. “We’re … Read More

FormAssembly’s Stay-in-Touch Alternative: Using FormAssembly’s Prefilling Capabilities With Your Clients

Blog- Using FormAssembly's Prefilling Capabilities With Your Clients

It’s important for consulting and service-based companies to have a client-first mindset. What does that mean? In addition to providing quick assistance and working hand-in-hand with clients to help them achieve their organizational goals, it means finding every little way you can to make your professional relationships smoother. How can FormAssembly help you provide better … Read More

4 Reasons to Use FormAssembly for Salesforce Web-to-Case Forms

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Do you receive support requests through a Salesforce Web-to-Case form on your site? Have you been looking for a way to send file attachments from these forms to Salesforce? FormAssembly allows you to send attachments to Salesforce from your Web-to-Case forms, and we offer all the support you need to get your forms set up … Read More

4 Ways to Accelerate Business Processes With Web Forms

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There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Chances are you’ve said that, thought that, or heard someone else expressing the same sentiment. And unfortunately it often feels all too true. With a growing to-do list, your day never seems to get any longer. While it would be awesome if Hermione Granger’s time turner actually … Read More