Data Collection Best Practices:

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Evaluate how well you’re following data collection best practices in this quiz and learn where you may need to improve.

Times are changing rapidly in the data collection world. Companies collect more data than ever, new threats to the security of that data emerge regularly, and new regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, and others require extra attention to data privacy and proper data collection best practices. From gathering consent to evaluating vendors, there’s a lot of necessary prep work to make sure your organization stays secure, safe, and compliant with your data collection platform. FormAssembly’s web form platform provides security and compliance and can help you improve the way you collect and process data. We’re here to help encourage better data stewardship and guide you through the future of data collection.

Take this quiz to learn whether your organization is a pro at these foundational data collection best practices or if you have room to improve.

What's your data collection score? Take the quiz.

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