Why Every Salesforce User Needs FormAssembly


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Salesforce is a powerful tool, but manually entering important customer data into Salesforce is a less than ideal process. It’s not only time consuming, but can result in poor data hygiene and security vulnerabilities. 

For organizations that collect large amounts of data in Salesforce, manual data entry simply isn’t efficient, secure, or scalable. That’s why thousands of Salesforce users rely on FormAssembly— the secure form builder and data collection platform that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

“FormAssembly offers a dynamic and powerful connection to Salesforce. The integration between the two systems is second to none. The real-time sync works incredibly well, and it’s a great experience overall.”

Jay Street, Student Data Management Specialist, The Master’s University

Do any of these costly data collection roadblocks sound familiar? 

  • Tedious Manual Data Entry – Not only does manual data entry take forever, it also exponentially increases the margin for human error. 
  • Poor Data Hygiene –  Your lack of confidence in your data, coupled with the knowledge that you’re not maximizing the potential of that data.
  • Over Reliance on Developers and IT – Your IT and development teams could be focusing on initiatives that have a huge impact on the future of your business—but they’re busy creating and managing web forms instead. 
  • Security & Compliance Problems – Security is a must for your organization, customers, and industry regulations, but you’re not sure your data collection processes are up to standard.

Imagine how much time, money, resources, and headaches your organization would save if you could eliminate these problems. With FormAssembly, it’s possible.

“FormAssembly is saving us time and money across the board, because the minutes and hours are adding up. You don’t have to manually email someone and confirm receipt of new data or draft the same input every time.”

Jay Street, Student Data Management Specialist, The Master’s University

How FormAssembly Helps Salesforce Users 

With FormAssembly’s seamless integration with Salesforce, users can easily collect important data through sophisticated custom online forms and automatically send it to Salesforce without limitations. The integration also makes it possible to update or create records in Salesforce based on form response information. Best of all, connecting Salesforce to FormAssembly requires just a few quick and easy steps. 

With no limits on forms or form responses, unmatched standards of security and compliance, and a drag and drop interface, FormAssembly enables nontechnical teams to put data collection in their own hands without support from developers or IT.

Salesforce & FormAssembly Features:

  • Web-to-Anything Functionality – Send data to any standard and custom objects, conditionally create or update records, send form uploads to Salesforce Files, create Chatter posts, and more. 
  • Salesforce Prefill Connector – Dynamically prefill forms with respondent data that has previously been collected in Salesforce. 
  • Salesforce Submit Connector – Automatically create or update both standard and custom objects. 
  • Salesforce Import Tool – Quickly create simple forms with fields pulled from your Salesforce objects.

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