New Feature: Salesforce Dynamic Picklists


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It’s here! That’s right; the long-awaited Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature is now available for Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users.

The Salesforce Dynamic Picklists Feature allows you to use drop-down menus in your forms that pull options directly from Salesforce picklists or lookup results. This feature allows you to get the most up-to-date information in your forms and cut down on the time and effort needed to manage/re-upload static datasets.

How it Works

The ability to use Dynamic Picklists is available as a permission within the Admin Dashboard of an Enterprise or Compliance Cloud account and must be enabled to use. Once that permission is enabled, you’ll see the “Salesforce” option for any multiple choice question. Even previously set-up multiple choice questions can be switched to the Salesforce Dynamic Picklist option.

After choosing the Salesforce Dynamic Picklist option, you’ll be directed to the connector page where you can set up a Salesforce Prefill Connector to push Salesforce data into your multiple choice question. (The finished dropdown menus also feature a typeahead functionality for even easier form filling!)
In this demo video you can see the feature in action!

Get the full instructions in our documentation! 

Note on Restricted Values

Dynamic Picklists currently do not restrict values. Respondents will be able to submit values outside the populated choices.

Your Turn

Try the feature out and let us know what you think! You can share feedback through the feedback form on our roadmap page.
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