FormAssembly product update for November

November Product Release: Workflow Publishing, Admin Reporting, and More


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If you’ve been paying attention to FormAssembly’s feature updates this year, you’ve seen your automated workflows become more powerful, and your reporting capabilities expand. If you haven’t checked in lately, the November product update has some major updates you’ll want to see. 

Workflow Updates: Publishing, Collaboration, Replay and Approvals

The easy-to-use, process and automation builder that FormAssembly users know as Workflow has received some major updates this year. However, automated approval steps, Excel workbook integration, and one-step form importing were just the beginning. With this month’s release, you can now publish and embed your workflows, share them with collaborators, and replay connectors. Let’s dive into the details.


Welcome to expanded workflow publishing options. Now, along with sharing links to workflows, you can embed the first form of any workflow with a simple snippet of code similar to the Quick Publish feature launched for forms earlier this year. This means you can turn your simplest website contact forms into workflows that automatically send notifications and route approval requests to the appropriate contact, and that’s just the beginning.

Workflow publish options

See the potential applications of expanded workflow publishing and all of your new features in our upcoming release webinar. Save your seat here.


Automating tasks is better with company. Now you can share workflows across your account and collaboratively build processes with ease. If you’ve shared one of your account’s forms, you’ll recognize this new feature for its simplicity and ease of use. Just search for your colleagues and add them as a collaborator.

Workflow collaboration options

Along with sharing workflows, you can also transfer ownership of the workflows that you’ve built to other FormAssembly users. This is a great way to share your efficiency and productivity gains with other departments across your organization.

Start sharing your workflows today. Jump into the documentation here.


If you use connectors to integrate your forms and workflows to other platforms like your Salesforce CRM, you will have the ability to reprocess responses that have been paused due to an error or missing information. With replay, you can view your connector logs, identify any paused responses flagged with an error, and “replay” them in bulk to send the data through the respective connector.

Replay workflow responses

Replay will be rolling out to your workflows in December.

Approval Comments, Reassignments and Reminders

Approval steps were a new addition to our July release, and are already receiving exciting new features. Now your approvers can add comments on their approval decisions, receive reminders from your workflow architects of open approvals, and have their assigned approvals reassigned as needed. 

These updates will reduce delays in your approval processes, improve communication among your team members, and give you greater flexibility and control. Learn more about approvals, and contact your account manager if you’d like to add approver licenses to your account.

Workflow is available on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans.

Admin Reporting

If you’re using forms and workflows across your organization, you know that keeping tabs on all of that data can be difficult. With this release, your admin dashboard reports are getting a major boost.

Much like the new Form Analytics dashboard expanded your visibility into the performance of your forms, you’ll have an elevated reporting experience across your entire account. You’re now able to easily filter and search through all your account’s forms, see response counts, and check in on the status of Connectors. 

Product update: FormAssembly forms analytics dashboard

Give your new reporting options a try today.

Users with administrator privileges will see this update on the All Forms tab of their admin dashboard. Available on Essentials, Team, Enterprise and Government Plans.

Security Update: Email Verification

Email spoofing can be a vulnerability for any organization. Bad actors using fake email addresses can solicit information from your audiences, or at the very least, damage your sender reputation and cause deliverability issues. 

To protect you and your company, this release includes a verification step wherever an email is used to send notifications from FormAssembly. This will impact new configurations of Auto Responder, Send a Reminder, Save & Resume, and Notifications, but will not impact existing email notifications.

When an email field is changed or a new email is configured, if that email has not been previously recognized as validated, you will see a “pending verification” footer under the field and receive an email with a link to validate it. Email notifications will be sent from n[email protected] until the new email is validated. 

Coming Soon: A New Connector Experience

Along with the other updates to the workflow outlined above comes a powerful new way to configure your Connectors. Releasing later this quarter, your controls for workflow connectors will be expanded to include field mapping for all Connectors, allowing you to further define how you use integrations like our Excel Connector to store and analyze data.

Keep an eye on your inbox for more exciting Connector developments, and join our feature release webinar for a sneak preview of the new Connector Experience on Thursday, November 30th. 

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