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New Plans, Licenses, and Connectors


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FormAssembly has made some big changes this year. We’ve introduced new plans, new user licenses and permissions, new integrations, and new security features, and we’re not done yet. Catch up on all the changes, and see what opportunities they open for you!

New Plan Names

In 2022, FormAssembly had 5 subscription plans. Two single-user plans, and three multi-user plans. This year, we’ve updated the names and features of our plans to offer more flexibility and make them a better fit for organizations of all sizes. Here are some of the changes:

  • We decided to merge our single-user plans into one offering, called Basic, with a feature set designed for single users and very small businesses to get started with the basic tools of data collection. 
  • We also introduced a new plan, Essentials, that has, well, the essentials for a business’s data collection needs, like building branded templates, and collecting eSignatures. Continuing this trend, we renamed our Enterprise Cloud plan to Team, a plan designed for a single team to collaborate on data collection with multiple included user licenses, workflow automation tools, SAML authentication, etc. 
  • Compliance Cloud became Enterprise with enterprise-grade tools needed by larger organizations. This includes HIPAA and GLBA compliance for handling sensitive health and financial data, as well as security tools like Secure File Scan to be used in conjunction with an enterprise’s robust security and compliance framework. Government Cloud was renamed to Government, as a part of this change as well.

A summary of the changes looks like this:

These name updates did not include any changes to pricing or features for current customers. Accounts on our Professional and Premier plans remain on their current plans for the time being, or can of course upgrade to any of our new plans for expanded features and functionality. Customers that were formerly on Enterprise Cloud, now Team, retain all of the features from Enterprise Cloud. 

If you’d like to confirm your account’s subscription plan, navigate to the Licensing tab on the Admin dashboard to view your plan type or reach out to our support team.

New User Licenses & Permissions

Along with our new plans, we’ve also brought new, flexible user licenses and permission packages to the FormAssembly platform. With these licenses, you can expand your team as you need, while maintaining governance over data and platform access. Here’s a breakdown of our new user licenses and the permissions available to them.

License Included Permission Packages
StandardBasic, Content Management, Audit, Administration
ApproverBasic, Audit, Approver

Licenses, and the permission packages they include, grant access to different features and functionality in your FormAssembly account. Permission packages include multiple permissions that you can configure for specific users or set en masse with User Groups. 

If you’re interested in adding additional user licenses, contact your Account Manager.

Add-On Connectors, Success Plans, and Services

We introduced Add-ons this year, as a way for accounts to expand the core capabilities of the platform. Integrations to CRMs such as Salesforce, leading payment providers, and the Microsoft ecosystem are all available through our Add-ons.

For organizations that require services beyond the support provided by our award-winning success team, we now offer three enhanced plans with consultative services and dedicated resources. If you’d like to access consulting, additional training, or form building services, they’re available ala carte as well. 

Find more details and request services and success plans here.

And even with all these changes, we’re still not done with our updates for this year. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to our next product launch coming later this fall. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest FormAssembly news.

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