April Product Release: Quick Publish, Workflow Updates, and More


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The latest FormAssembly feature updates are here, offering new ways to streamline your data collection and improve your workflows. The new features include Quick Publish to streamline form embed, Workflow enhancements — including a new Excel Connector add-on — and expanded form collaboration tools. Dive into the details below to learn more about how these updates can make your data collection processes even more efficient. 

Introducing Quick Publish

The new Quick Publish option simplifies the process of publishing and updating forms. Now, you can embed forms on external web pages using a single JavaScript tag. You’ll no longer need to use lengthy embed codes or manually update web pages to render the latest form version. 

This fast and convenient publishing method is dynamic, so you won’t need to republish an updated form to the site, saving you time. Any changes made to a form will automatically sync wherever the form is embedded on a web page.

Learn more about Quick Publish, now available on all plans.

Workflow Enhancements

We’ve added enhancements to Workflow — the visual process builder offered on Team plans and above — to improve how your data flows. This update brings new search and filter capabilities using Workflow lists and several updates to improve efficiency. 

  • If your organization has advanced security and compliance standards, you can now enable custom data retention settings within a workflow and configure data purge rules for responses collected through workflows.
  • Now it’s even easier to understand how your forms are performing. With an updated Workflow List view that features a Workflow response counter, you’ll be able to quickly view a workflow’s activity and get access to response reports. 
  • With the update, you can easily import a form’s existing settings and connectors into a workflow. You’ll no longer have to manually update settings and reconfigure connectors — like Save & Resume or notification emails — each time a pre-built form is added to a workflow.
Quickly import your existing forms – and their settings – into workflows.
  • You can also upload a form response PDF, including E-Signature information, to Salesforce. This highly requested feature makes it easier than ever for you to store a copy of form responses in Salesforce records.

These updates are now available on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans.

Excel Connector Add-on

We’ve also debuted the latest FormAssembly connector: the Microsoft Excel Add-on, available on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans. This new connector can automatically push response data to your Excel workbooks as a part of your workflows. It allows you to easily view and analyze data in spreadsheet form — without having to manually export and import CSV files. 

The Microsoft Excel Add-on requires an Office 365 Business plan, including Excel and OneDrive Cloud Services. This add-on is available for purchase by existing customers on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans. Contact sales to learn more.

Form Collaboration Updates

And finally, it’s easier for your teams to share, transfer, and collaborate on your forms with the new form collaboration tools. These tools empower you to directly transfer ownership of a form to another user without having to access the admin dashboard. If you have an Essential plan or above, you can also quickly share your forms with another user listed in the dropdown menu within the Collaboration settings.

Share and transfer ownership across teams from the form’s Collaboration settings.

These form collaboration updates will be available after Wednesday, April 5th for accounts on Team, Enterprise, and Government plans.

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