For organizations in the healthcare space, the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be a daunting hurdle, especially when it comes to data collection. From securely gathering Protected Health Information (PHI) to sending and storing files, understanding how your data is secured is important to maintaining the utmost confidence in your data collection system.

At FormAssembly, we are committed to helping our clients meet their organizational objectives, which often means evolving, growing, and innovating our services and solutions to better meet their needs.

Our new Compliance Cloud allows Enterprise customers access to key data security options to ensure their data is collected, stored, and transmitted in a compliant manner.

So, what does this mean for your healthcare organization? Here are 5 ways using FormAssembly keeps PHI secure.

Through not only claiming but proving compliance

We are proud to say that after more than a year of process and operational development, we are HIPAA compliant, after undergoing both a GAP assessment and additional auditing by third party compliance auditor Coalfire®.

Beyond technological upgrades and structural security improvements, HIPAA compliance requires stringent operational protocols to ensure that your data is kept secure. These operational protocols include critical security checkpoints and measures, such as background checks, complete data control and delegation restrictions, as well as encryption best practices.

At FormAssembly, we have implemented these and other operational protocols to ensure that your data is collected and held in the most secure manner possible.

By using state-of-the-art encryption best practices

Keeping your data safe and secure is our number one priority. All data that is flagged as sensitive will be encrypted using private keys generated specifically for the associated user. This data will also be stored on an encrypted disk, which will protect the physical disk in the event of an emergency. These practices allow the data to be secured at rest.

Our Compliance Cloud also conforms to current best practices, ensuring that all data is secured and encrypted in transit.

By providing customizable and flexible password protection 

HIPAA compliance is accompanied by a number of systems and processes that require stringent operational protections and precautions. Our Compliance Cloud offers completely customizable control over password administration, requirements, and restrictions.

Also keeping with the promise of HIPAA compliant security, our Compliance Cloud allows customers to access secure mechanisms for data transmission. This allows enterprises the ability to  collect and store PHI or other sensitive data via a controlled and compliant environment.

By offering flexible storage options

At FormAssembly, we understand that different enterprises require different storage solutions, which is why we are flexible in our server options. For customers in the US requiring HIPAA compliant web forms and data collection, there are two available options.

Historically, we offered on-site installation of FormAssembly for customers wishing to maintain complete control over their data. This retired offering was a popular option for organizations requiring more than the standard HIPAA procedures and protocols, as it allows the data to ultimately remain under the customers control at all times. This retired option requires the enterprise to host their data on their own server.

Though intriguing, the on-site option requires organizations to spend costly amounts of time and money configuring their systems to match their security needs, which is where the Compliance Cloud comes into play. Our Compliance Cloud is structured using secure US-based servers, allowing organizations with an increased security need access to the processes and procedures that they require, without investing exorbitant amounts of time and money on creating new systems internally.

By offering first-class priority

As an Enterprise customer, you can rest assured that we will treat your account, data, and interactions with the utmost priority and commitment. From first-response attention in the event of a disaster to quality assurance and backup protocols during day-to-day interactions, we are committed to offering you the highest quality service.

Navigating the waters of HIPAA compliance is not always easy, but using FormAssembly for data collection can help streamline your processes and increase your productivity.

For more information about our new Compliance Cloud, contact us today!


Ashley McAlpin
Ashley is the Demand Marketing Manager at FormAssembly. When she isn’t engulfed in all things marketing, Ashley loves hiking, kayaking, and spending time outdoors.

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