FormAssembly’s Week of 100s: A Celebration of our Team and Company Culture


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FormAssembly just hit a major milestone as a company: We hired our 100th team member in May 2020! Our team has grown and evolved over the years since its founding in 2006, and 2019 marked our biggest year for team growth to date with 30 new hires. In 2020, we’re expected to add even more new members to our team as we continue to bring on fresh talent from all over the world.

Although our remote team members are spread out across several countries and continents, we still found a way to come together and celebrate. Our recent Week of 100s celebration served as a tribute to our team members, our company culture, and the past, present, and future of FormAssembly. Read on to get the highlights of FormAssembly’s Week of 100s!

About the Week of 100s

Our team of 100+ participated in 10 different challenges throughout the Week of 100s to win FormAssembly swag prizes! The FormAssembly team is made up of diverse individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and strengths, so the week’s challenges included a wide range of activities and prizes to encourage participation.

Each challenge had its own related prize, and if the team collectively met or exceeded 100 contributions to a particular activity, each participant in that challenge won the prize. The FormAssembly team went above and beyond to exceed the goal of 100 activities in every category, so plenty of great prizes are on the way to each team member!

Walk/Run 100

The FormAssembly team collectively walked and ran 560 miles to celebrate the Week of 100s, far exceeding the team goal of 100 miles. Our walkers and runners documented their mileage throughout the week in our designated Week of 100s Slack channel. All participants in this challenge won a FormAssembly insulated water bottle.

Cristen wore her homemade FormAssembly pin and ran 32.16 miles total.

Jaret set the pace with 40 total miles contributed to the Walk/Run 100 challenge.

Paul hit the ground running with 8.5 miles total during the Week of 100s.

Create 100

For this challenge, the team used their talents to put together creative projects of their choice, from writing songs to woodworking and beyond. The team created and shared 195 original projects, which means every participant won a FormAssembly branded phone camera lens to help take their smartphone photos to the next level.

Susie painted her very own FormAssembly peg doll and included it in all of her Week of 100s contribution photos.

Jen took pictures of letters she spotted along her afternoon walk to create this FormAssembly collage.

Clint carved a custom FormAssembly wood sculpture.

Katrina’s “FlowerAssembly” watercolor pencil doodle!

Kayla illustrated cartoon versions of FormAssembly team members.

FormAssembly form bot watercolor art by Brittany!

Cook 100

This challenge was all about whipping up new or original recipes. Participants in this challenge collectively cooked or baked 187 recipes during the Week of 100s, so every team member who contributed will get a bamboo cutting board—with the FormAssembly logo, of course!

Jason made spicy Sichuan braised beef noodles.

Cedric baked Far Breton, a specialty of Bretagne, a western region of France that his family visits often.

Andrea baked and frosted a FormAssembly cake!

Donate 100

The FormAssembly team made donations to 148 different charities during our Week of 100s challenge, with all donations matched by the company. This was a great opportunity for team members to give back to the causes they’re passionate about. Each team member who contributed donations to the charities of their choice during the Week of 100s will receive a FormAssembly duffel bag.

Pao, Jeremiah, and Czar came together to donate meals to front liners in the Philippines.

Angel packed up a car full of donations and dropped them off at three different charities.

Those are just a few of the challenges that our team participated in throughout the Week of 100’s! The challenges also included:

  • Plant 100: Our team planted 1,525 plants, flowers, trees, and seeds throughout the Week of 100’s, with all participants winning a FormAssembly branded heat-sealed, leak-proof cooler backpack.
  • FormAssembly Advocacy 100: For this challenge, our team members shared FormAssembly social posts and wrote thank you notes to customers. Contributors will get a FormAssembly hoodie.
  • Local 100: To encourage support for local businesses, FormAssembly team members from all over the world purchased goods from their favorite local spots. Challenge participants will get a FormAssembly insulated tumbler mug, purchased from a small biz on Etsy.
  • Workout 100: The FormAssembly team completed 221 workouts during the Week of 100s, so all participants will receive a FormAssembly branded yoga mat!
  • Watch 100: Our team watched 427 total TV shows and movies for the week of 100. Everyone who contributed will get a FormAssembly sherpa blanket to keep them warm through all their movie nights.

In summary, the Week of 100’s was a celebration of our team and company culture, with all 100+ members of our team contributing in their own unique way. We’re proud of the culture we’ve built here at FormAssembly, and we’re excited for all the great things to come!

To learn more about FormAssembly’s company culture, visit our culture and team pages.

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